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Can't create instructable on android 4.0 tablet Answered

when i go to the create screen and click on the get started button i get an error screen on my tf300t running android 4..0.  It says something about internal server error 500. whatever that means...


One of the developers may have to look into this if you are still having the problem. An "Error 500 Internal Server Error" is a fairly generic error message and doesn't suggest a specific issue. I'm not having any problems starting a new Instructable, but I also don't have an android tablet to test, so you may have to wait until staff is back in the office. In the mean time, if you are able to, I would suggest using a PC to publish your Instructable.

Thanks, I figured it was something like that. I appreciate the prompt response. For now I'm sure I can live with using a desktop.

It looks like you're being redirected to the mobile site to publish the instructable. We currently don't have any sort of mobile upload capacity. If you delete the m from the beginning of the web address, you should be fine.

If your browser keeps trying to forward you, you'll have to disable mobile site forwarding, and that should take care of your problem.

Using my iPod, if I delete the "m", the iPOd puts it back again.

(Technical hint: Apple products do not respond to foul language. Save your energy.)

You know, I had a whole bunch of foule language queued up in this...but I guess I save it for next time.

The basic gist. With the default apple mobile browser (Safari), you can't disable mobile browsing. If you download Atomic Web (another mobile browser), you should be able to spoof whatever browser you want.

It does cost 99 cents...but...it gets great reviews.

Opera mobile also allows spoofing, it's rather good... Pretty sure they finally got on to iOS, if not chrome may be an option, unsure on the spoofing but it's been said to be great on the iThings.