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Can't decide... EDIT: Choice made! Answered

I'm buying a new multi-tool.

I have been using a Leatherman Juice for almost seven years, and it's starting to show its miles.  I know I could replace it under Leatherman's guarantee, but it's one I won from Instructables, and it's engraved.

So, I'm trying to choose a replacement, which will be part of my EDC.

At the moment, I'm havering between the Gerber Crucial and the Leatherman Sidekick.

I like the Crucial. My youngest has one for scouting, and I've used it a few times. It's quite comfortable in the hand, and feels strong.

However, it lacks tools I have used quite a bit in the past.

It's proving a hard choice, online reviews vary between useless and contradictory, so I thought I'd see what you folks think. What are you carrying as DIY EDC, what do you wish you were carrying?


I have a Leatherman Wave on it's way in the post!


I got a free leatherman wave from work, last week. its pretty nice, i like the locking knife features and the fact that it has both a serrated and plain blade. I'm sure you will enjoy it

I do (except for the time I dropped it, and unthinkingly caught it. To the bone...).

Saw that you made your decision but I wanted you to see what "matt" from demolition ranch thinks.


Don't get me wrong I do like Leathermans and Gerbers and have a few, but I have found that EDC wise and after several deployments that SOG multi-tools tend to hold up much better and are more reliable.

What about this, I have it and it is amazingly useful.

I get it now, you are right. It is not like leatherman where the entire design is based on plier

Umm, what is EDC? Green or blue rods might give you more power.

Oh, sorry, it's "Every Day Carry". I've been reading too many reviews on Amazon...

"Every day carry"sounds like something you would do with a Firearm.

I carry this one Compact sport muti-plier 400 in black oxide by Gerber. Its not too big, not going to make you look like a gear q***r, I like how they have scissors, and the pliers comes out with a flick of the wrist. My wife got it for me for valentines day in 2011 and its currently on its second trip overseas.


So if you cant decide between the two knives in the original problem, then get the Leatherman sidekick, since your youngest already has the crucial.

No, I mean I now have to choose between three knives, not two...

I know someone who has one of them automatic knife (basically a switch
blade for law enforcement/military) and had it on their belt pointed
down. Well they went to the bathroom (loo) and upon unbuckling their
pants (trousers) activated the knife and sliced their thumb open and had to get stitches.