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Can't delete folder on Desktop? Answered

I have a folder on my desktop from network magic and I can't delete it. I don't even have the chance! I right click it and my only options are "open" and "create a shortcut". I have even tried just clicking a dragging it into the recycling bin nothing happens. It isn't really a problem but I like to make my desktop look nice and clean and there is really no need for the folder. Any ideas are appreciated.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Try this:
Go into the Pure Networks Network Magic dialogue box (searched for Network Magic in the search box under the Start menu). Then, under Tools-Options,  check the "Hide Network Magic Folders Desktop Icon".


Thank you. That fixed it. That was just really starting to get annoying :P.

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Almost forgot. Thanks for reminding me :P

Im just going to tell you how to delete ANY system folder.

1.Open up My Computer

2.Click Organize>Folder and search options

3.Click the View tab, and uncheck "Hide protected operating system files" and a message should pop up. Click yes.

4.Go to the directory were your system folder is (and in this case you want to delete network magic folders, so go to where it is installed), and delete it.

I don't know what network magic is - is it a legit application or spyware?

You should be able to delete the icon from (xp) c:\documents and settings\yourusername\desktop if it is indeed a real file.

Try booting into windows safe mode (press f8 repeately as the computer boots up) and choose 'safe mode'.  You can't do much in safe mode, but if a program is clutching that folder for its very life, then it wont automatically run, and you should be able to delete it.

Lastly, if network magic is a program you use - perhaps the configuration of the program has an 'install fake folder on my desktop to piss me off' setting that you can disable.

Thank you for your answer but I tried lemonie's first and it worked. Thanks though! I'll keep that in mind for other programs I can't delete :P.