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Can't download PDF Answered

I'm trying to download the pdf from https://www.instructables.com/id/Multi-personality-Fortune-teller/ but for some reason the link will either do the following: refuse to come up (shows a blank white screen), show a 404 error code, or just flicker on the request to download the pdf screen.


caitlinsdad is right, but older members (such as yourself) have the grandfathered ability to download PDF's without being Pro.

I tried both the standard and the custom PDF and was able to successfully download them both. From the project page try right-clicking the PDF button and opening in new window, then right click the download PDF button and "save as" to your computer (or try and open in browser window).

If you can't get the PDF window open in a new window I suggest making sure you have the latest PDF reader installed (typically Adobe Reader), then clear your cache and try again.

You need to be a PRO member to be able to download PDFs.

I've downloaded other pdf's from here before without the need to be PRO.