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Can't enter in contest I accidentely left Answered

I had joint the First Time Author Contest, and I got accepted. Then, as the contest wasn't showing on my instructable page, I left the contest to enter again.

When I try to enter again, it tells me "pending approval" but I don't receive any email confirmation, and when I click on contest again, it says "add" again, and not "pending approval".

Is this normal? Can't we enter again after leaving a contest?



I got todays post(1/16/2018) but lost it due to a problem with my PC(bad PC). Is there any way Instructables could resend this to me? I try to store each and everyone of these and would like to finish reading and store it. Thank you for any help. john

Hi there,

Sure, no problem :)

We will forward today's newsletter to you from our service@instructables email. You should be seeing it soon. Cheers!

Hi there,

You should be able to enter . . so this is odd. This looks like a bug to me and I'll have our engineer team investigate. We'll get you in, though, one way or another! ;)

Sam (seamster)

Community Manager

Thanks! I received an email in the afternoon confirming my request to enter in the contest, and it seems like my project appears in the contest page. However, it still doesn't appear on my project's page and I still have the "add" button to join the contest (even if my project appears on the contest's page).

It's been fixed, and the vote banner on your Instructable now reflects that you're in the First Time Author contest. Good luck, and thank you for the report!! :)