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Can't even find link to download ebooks Answered

I became a pro member yesterday, and the membership appears to be working correctly -- I can download full instructables including pdfs. But I'm having trouble with ebooks. When I click on "Download the ebook" I'm taken to a page that allows me to download Adobe Reader, Calibre, and the iBooks app. But I don't see links anywhere to download the actual book. (PDF is my preferred format.) I can see from this forum that many others are having similar problems, so this is clearly a frequently asked question. But I don't see a hint of an answer anywhere. Can someone please help?



6 years ago

I had the same problem ! Don't know why, but it was ok with other browsers than explorer such as google chrome

Above the link of available download formats and readers, there is a big yellow button that says "Download PDF" it is next to the the "Download ePub" button.

Let me know if you can't find it.

I see no big yellow button. See screenshots. I even disabled Ad Blocker. Still no big yellow button.


I can see that JavaScript is not enabled or not working. I suspect it has to do with your ad blocker or you have it manually turned off.