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Can't find name for guitar accessory Answered

My guitar teacher and I were talking today about Fade to Black
we were talking about the solo around 2:45 and he said they might be using a something
instead of picking
This item supposedly creates a continuous ring, he said it might involve a magnet
but I can remember the name of it



Nothing I can hear in the studio version that sounds like anything that can't be done with the right guitars and basic FX pedals or studio FX. Still, I may not be listening to the same version as you, as I can't seem to find the solo at around 3:30, there's something at 2:45 that could just be a glass or metal slide.

Its is at 2:45 I was just trying to guess from my tabs It just sounds like hes not really picking in the studio version when you listen to the live version, the picking is much more visible but they might not be, I just want to find out what its called He said he didnt know how they work but he thinks it might involve a magnet and they cost like $100 I want to say that its called something like a w wing but I can't remember

well the question is not about the song but the thingy regardless if they use it or not, i still want to know what its called