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Can't get PDF's Answered

Running Mac Snow Leopard Safari - Clicking on PDF icon gets page with pdf link as usual, and shows me still logged in, but lately option-clicking on pdf link ends up downloading a .html file instead of the pdf.



I download many pdf but i seem to have a problem wit the tesla spirit radio pdf...
i try to download it many time and a error message appear!!!
can some one help me!??

I have the same problem, I have been unable to download any pdf's even though I am a pro member. And as being able to download PDF was the only reason I became a pro member in the first place I'm feeling a bit ripped off.


7 years ago

I am also unable to download PDF files, I left a post at the forum over a month ago, two kind responses from members, but nothing from an instructable staff member. I don't plan on renewing my pro mebership.

HI, Regarding the PDF download problem .I was getting a message from I.E. explorer, " internet explorer can not display the page" , firefox informed me that the files were damaged or corrupted. I was able to download files from instructables in the beginning, but some months ago I began to get these error messages. A few days ago I accidently discovered that disabling my firewall seems to solve the problem. I don't know why that worked, I have been using the zonealarm firewall for years without incident, and downloaded PDFs from Instructables in the past while using it. The Instructable PDF downloads were the only ones that had this problem. I hope this information is helpful.

Hi, Sorry for your frustration. There's a response on your original forum topic asking for more information so we can help diagnose the problem and correct it. Perhaps you didn't see the response and so didn't know to respond to it?

PDF files are usually reserved for pro members to download...

I cannot download any PDF's or view steps on a single page. I have paid for a 2 year Pro Membership, but am not recognised as a Pro Member. Do you know of the solution. I have notice that there are a lot of people who have had the same problem, but no solutions seem to have been posted, as far as I can find. I have reported the problem and got a response from the robot, promising that a human will read my message. No reply as yet.

@ kiteman.....is it...?? i'm faceing da same problem...!! earlier i can download...!! and can open it..! now also i can download but...i can't open it. it says damaged pdf... :(

I have experienced the same problem.Have you found a solution?


8 years ago

Hi, I have joined as a Pro Member for 2 years. I can login but am not recognised as a pro member and so cannot download any of the PDF's. How long does it take for my account to be activated?

I haven't been able download pdf's since I've had my membership. Everytime I click them to download it says the file is damaged or missing, this goes for every pdf I've ever clicked on, and on different computers.

I notice that eveytime I try and download an Instructable PDF for offline use, my internet monitor (Networx) clocks up 10 of Megabytes uploaded and even more downloaded. This is a waste of my valuable Internet Cap. This only happens with Instructables. Why?