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Can't login in app Answered

Great site but I am unable to login with Facebook or email from within the app. 


still a problem

There is a real problem with the App, because it is still "forced" by mobile browsers. Perhaps since it has been retired, it should be actually retired. Maybe a banner updated and placed onto the app itself would help, because my tablet and phone always try to force me to use the app instead of allowing me to just browse the site.

so 2 year old problem and still exists.....

has a fix for this been found? I have the same log in problems and same error messages. This has been going on since april for me, I even tried emailing app devs some time ago and this was all i got out of it...


Same happens to me

The same for me. It always says 'Error while loading Instructables. Please reload and check your internet connection'.

Exactly the same issue. I am a premium member and I can't sign in under my google account on the app. Not the best experience.


2 years ago

I am having the same issue as well. I usually use the Google login while in a browser but this isn't an option in the app (heaven knows why... it's an Android app. I know OAuth is a pain in the ass but Google provides libraries for that kind of thing). I can't login to the app at all because in addition to the Facebook login not working, it won't accept my username and password.

The fact that someone was having this issue over a year ago and it's still happening is a little disappointing. I can still view instructables in the app but I want to be able to view my favorites without having to search for them.


2 years ago

same problem here … I'm not able to login in the app via Facebook. Some time ago it was possible. It always says that there was an error loading instructables, I Rebootet my cellphone and reinstalled the app, but it didn't worked


3 years ago

Hello Ssouthern, I see that your message was posted earlier this month, I hope you have been able to resolve this issue.

If not, you can always send an email to service@instructables.com