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Can't play CDs or DVDs In Laptop Answered

When I insert a CD, DVD, software disc, etc into the tray, I hear 2 beeps, a fast, whirring sound which then stops, but there is nothing else happens. No little disc icon appears on screen. I'm unsure if the drive ever worked, but I assume it did when I installed the disc that came with my latest printer. Windows help & support helped me figure discs are not being read, and led me to find CD/DVD driver in Device Manager for repair or updating drive***THERE IS NO LISTING FOR CD/DVD DRIVE THERE OR UNDER SOUNDS SECTION  IN CONTROL PANEL. I have a Compaq  F700 notebook running Windows Vista.  There are 2 DVD players listed in programs in addition to the Windows Media Player. No luck with any of them. One shows "No Disc" even after disc is inserted. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I can not play my dvd, not recognized by my thinkpad 4720s

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If you don't see something like a drive D: or your CD drive indicated under My Computer, your drive might be bad and needs replacing. Since it is a laptop, I would first check if it is a removeable drive in the bay and reinsert it to make sure the physical connection is good. Unless you have a good CD drive to swap out, it would be hard to determine if something on the laptop motherboard is bad or the drive.

Thanks for your reply. Under "Computer", there are Local Disk (C:) and PRESARIO_RP (D:) listed. Disc D shows 1.86 GB (10%) of free space. When I open Disk D, under "Name" heading, it shows RECOVERY. Modified in 2008. Under "Type" heading, shows File. When I open RECOVERY, shows Compaq Recovery Partition Warning that states not to delete or alter files. Also, in user guide, there are instructions for replacing (not specifically CD/DVD) & handling drives. I appreciate any further reply. Thank you.

C: and D: drives showing up just means the hard drive is recognized and you see the different partitions on there. Your CD drive is not being recognized so either that part failed, which does happen to mechanical components on a laptop, which needs to be swapped out to figure out if it is a worse problem with the motherboard.

Thank you for your help. I will try drive replacement as a next step.