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Can't post threads - category menu missing Answered

I can't post a new thread, because I can't select a category if I try and put things in "forums".


I was (as the others) having the same problem with IE 7. At the suggestion of kelsymh I installed FireFox 3.01. I was able to post my question in Bugs. I tried the refresh in IE 7 but that didn't help either. Does this mean that I should be access Instructables with Firefox from now on, or is this just a temporary glitch??

Instructables does work better in FF.

Adrian Monk showed me a work-around; if you click on "marketplace" or "feedback" in the first box, then click on "forums", the second menu mysteriously reappears.

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i am having the same problem. here is an image


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You're using IE. Is there any chance that you've installed Firefox on your system? If so, could you try again and see if you have the same issue there?

Or chrome, Chrome is good too.

Ditto... I don't have the option of using any other browser except IE so has anyone found a good solution?


9 years ago

This happened to me. To ge by this I typed the name of the topic in the top line and hit refresh. The topic name was gone and I had to re-type it, but so were the category selector things and it let me through.

This seems to be a broader problem. See the discussion thread under this topic. I classifed that topic as the author requested, but the author isn't even able to post bug report.

But you just...did... :D

If I select "help" as a group, I can select "bugs" as a category. If I select "forums" as a group, there are no categories available to choose from, and it won't let you post a thread if it is not placed in a category.

I've got the same situation going on. I was able to post a forum, but rather than going to "offbeat" (which I wasn't able to select), it listed it as "Community: all". I've tried to edit it, but I can't get anywhere because I can't select a category.

(Try it - maybe it's just a fault at my end)

The same thing happened to me except i posted a forum and i cant see it but others see it but for me it isnt in the forums. i have to go to my profile and then go through my topics and then im there....

They appear for me. What browser are you using?

Firefox. I figured it was a side-effect of the front-page tweaks.