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Can't sleep, clown will eat me! Answered

I'm soooo very tired, but my body won't sleep, it hasn't slept in two days, I've tried everything. I really want to skip class today, but HW is due and it's 20% of my grade and the teacher has only assigned two HW's so that would be an entire letter grade lost. And I can't sleep in tomorrow, I gotta get up at 3am because a buddy an me are going fishing. Maybe sleep this weekend. Just how long can you go without sleep before bad things happen?


I managed missing one nights sleep. Ive never needed to miss any since.

thats is amazing. (im not being sarcastic) seriously wow im 13 and ive missed like 50 !

Me too but when It was the morning I literally slept through the whole day!

At my age, about 20 minutes...

All-nighters were common when I was at uni - roleplaying, drinking, or working on the newspaper, and they never seemed to harm me. We had an annual sponsored walk, 50 miles, overnight, that I used to marshal for. No problem. Then, when I got a proper job, thanks to complicated things like auditors arriving when lots of people were on holiday, and me not being in a union, I pulled a straight 72 hour shift. By the end, I had to count 5-tonne rolls of paper three times to make sure I had it right, and before I could cope with the ten-minute walk home I had to have a little sleep, under my desk.

you got old kiteman, thats what happened. I used to be able to stay up for days, now if i dont get 12 hours of sleep im cranky.

What kind of roleplaying? Mid-evil, sci-fi, ect.

..."I pulled a straight 72 hour shift." Sounds like hell week....

Neither was hell week.... =P

wow, thats pretty extreme. 72hours... i once worked a 72 hour week, that wasn't fun. And christmas at pcworld was pretty extreme, just due to the mass of people. Only having Christmas day to recover is also not fun.

I've gone 3 days straight without sleep and was just fine. Though it was like a migrane that wouldn't go no matter what. But other then that so long as you can keep yourself awake and away from anything that makes you drowsy or sick you'll be fine.

My longest time: 5 full days no sleep. How I did it: 4 pots of coffee, lots of sugary snacks, and Mountain Dew to keep up. Why: a war in one of the games I play routinely and I wanted to really help out. Would I ever do it again: Yes, but not for that freakin' long a second time. Dad thought I was half dead when I stopped playing Friday night and woke up Monday afternoon.

lol! I 2 nights of sleep... dang, knowing my parents, if I wasnt dead when i woke up, id be after lol.

Not just 2 nights. I slept all through Saturday, all through Sunday, and until 12:30 on Monday.

Maybe...36hrs max.

Yesterday I was running on about 2.5 hours of sleep and I noticed myself talking to just about anybody, including the ice dispenser (I thanked it, but luckily it didn't respond).

Am I the only one to realize that this is a Simpsons reference? Bart said it when Homer made him a clown bed that scares the heck outta him.

well to answer the how long before bad things happen. I have enjoyed insomnia for a while. 1-3 days, groggyness, dry eyes and sound seeming too loud is my usual. 3+ days usually brings the hallucinations.. not fun. 5-6+ the need to nap but as soon as you try your wide awake. 7-9. body being weak and splitting headaches (they can come earlier) usually followd closely by a 12 hour blackout.

Sounds like me, minus the fishing, lol average day: wake up at 7, go back to sleep, wake up a 7:15 ohmg, I'm late! 7:25 Somehow I'm on the bus now 7:25-7:40 study for tests via gflashpro on ipod touch 7:40-8:15 finish up homework 8:15-3:15 school 3:15-like five or six everytday, after school club 5:20: home now, relax for like 20 minutes or so if possible 6:00 dinner with family, can't leave table 7:00 till time I go to sleep, usually between 10 and 2, HW repeat yay? BTW it's almost time for the simpsons!

6:00 dinner with family, can't leave table what a waste ! most of the time i kill in instructables is when i take the dishes with me to my room parents used to dislike this in the beginning but now they got used to

yeah, "you have to eat dinner with the family and you can't leave the table until we say so" which is a LONG time

Yeah, my parents talk a lot and don't really eat, but I have found a way around it, I would say "I need to go use the bathroom". And they forget about that I need to be with them. lol

its all for that family feeling of the parents

what they miss is that the feeling is exactly the opposite cause all you want is to go away fast

i'd rebeld

Hmph: I did that a few times at work; the last time about 20 years ago, when I was up all day, and then, because the trip home at the time was so far, and I had to be back to work in 8 hours, I just stayed and tried to nap there....didn't work....24 hours later I could have bit the nails off of 20 penny-weight spikes LOL I get REALLY irritated if kept up too long ;-)

Well, what have I tried? hot baths, melatonin and advil PM. Got about three hours last night, fishing was a bust, too cold and the current was so strong our bait washed back on shore 2 minutes after casting. Only good part of the day as the officer issued me an "administrative citation" for speeding, meaning no fine, no points ;-) , or so she said. Get some HunnyDoos done,and try sleeping again, getting a cough too, ugh!

I think about now is when non sleep will start kicking-in, although you might not notice it before other people do.

Why? And what have you tried?


if your homework is done - go to class. give it. tell you feel bad and go to sleep if its not and is due for this class - go sleep now. when you wake up do your homework. explain to teacher that you were sick and i think he'll accept it. do it before yo go to fishing - sick students should stay at home if it will be given in this class - go to sleep now and get it from a friend dont skip sleeping - you do stuff slower and with more errors when you did not sleep. you dont win anything by doing everything before sleep i did not have to skip sleep given that i can sleep everywhere. i dont mind direct sunlight / wind / rough surfaces / some noise. i once fell asleep on the mixing panel of the school stage arts team