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Can't upload images in new instructable? Answered

I can't seem ot upload images for my new instructables. The uploader ( either one I tried both ) seems to proceed  normally however the image display says "image not found". Even more tedious if this is the first image the step is no longer accessible from the list of icons at the top. The only way i found to edit the step and remove the image was to re-order the steps and then click the edit button on the list.

To reproduce: create an instructable with several steps and no images. Select one of the steps and upload an image either from a file on the local disk or from a URL. My results: The upload will proceed without error but the image will not be displayed and the step is no longer accessible from the list at the top.



7 years ago

Yeah, my photos weren't working at all today. It kept saying that my photos had uploaded successfully, but then it says IMAGE NOT FOUND on my photo library or on my instructables pages. No idea whats wrong.

I'm having the same problem trying to post a Slideshow. It was even published, but no pictures were attached. I decided to unpublish it for now until problem is fixed.

Images upload availability is now delayed by some indeterminate period of time or sequence of events. An image may be uploaded but is not available for display in 'ible until some time later. I had to upload my images then go work in my garden come back and edit my instructable again before the images could be used as thumbnails.

.  IIRC, images are served from a different server. It just takes time. Spend more time in the garden.

Still cannot upload images and new instructable does not appear in 'Recent' list. The image uploader has been re-enabled and images which were uploaded earlier are available.

Also I'm having trouble exporting the link to other sites like 'linkedIn'. They get an error, presumably when pulling the thumbnail. If there isn't one you might consider add a default 'Robot' image instead of empty.