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Can't view all subscribers, and two, can't acces image library Answered

I've noticed for some time that I cannot access all subscriber pages on my profile.  That is, when I go to view my subscribers, and click on "next", nothing happens.  Page does not change, but continues to reset to the first page.

Two:  Cannot access my image library for ChrysN's pet picture contest. I can access it from this page and if I am in edit mode on one of my instructibles, but on ChrysN's page, under comment (where I presume we submit photos), I just get the spinning wheel and nothing happens.


I just tried to add an image to a comment on Lemonie's painting topic ( https://www.instructables.com/community/Pro-membership-give-away-And-painting-competition/ ), and the Library tab had no images available.

The posts I tried both disappeared after posting as well.

I can add pics here....weird or what? If I post in bugs and no one answers, (except Kiteman), does that mean that the tree doesn't make a sound when it falls?

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It means the very small dev team haven't as far as fixing your bug yet.

Bugs get fixed in batches, usually during site updates.

They tend only to respond to the actual report to say it's fixed.

I know, it's not how most folk would do it, but there you go.

Thanks, Kman. You seem knowledgable, are you noticing any more bugs than usual? They have changed the site in ways I can't number, but the Java thing may be part of it, I don't know. What do you think? I've tried doing stuff in FF as well as IE, and it doesn't seem to make a difference. Strange that others don't have the same issues, so I guess there are just too many variables to really nail down the cause and effect issues.

The only new bug I've come across has been the "missing" library you mention.

An old bug I still occasionally encounter is the disappearing comment bug - it comes and goes, but is mainly gone.

(I can add an image now - the library is back.)

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I still get the missing comment bug(once today, for instance). Also, if I feature a comment, I can't reply to it. I suspect that this was done intentionally, but the featured comment should get the most attention and be able to accept feedback.

The featured comment gets most attention by being stuck at the top. As for replies, if it's already had some, they get stuck with it.