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Canucksgirl reaches 100 best answers! Answered

Canucksgirl's fellow Iblers have awarded her Best Answer 100 times. Way to go!



6 years ago

Awesome job! That didn't take you very long at all. I've been trying for years and I'm nowhere near 100.


6 years ago

Hmmm, I recently cleared 100 and nobody noticed. Maybe its because I am not from Canada. I sent a PM to NachoMahma and he finally answered me and said he is not associated with instructables anymore.

Aye, he took a sulk over some behind-the-scenes stuff.


6 years ago

Good for you .

canucksgirl Now you take your family out to a fun sit down meal :-D


Lol, thanks. You say that as though there was a cash prize involved... ;)

Yes there is. for the restaurant where you exchange money for food
for those worthy few you can trust to understand the magnanimity
of the event and your future publishing career :-D

It's what we ( my family and I ) do at a Basque old style noisy restaurant
in Reno down town. ( I'm 18 away )

That's great! (I'm chompin at your heals). ;)

Let me know when you get to your 200. ok?

Bicentennial ditto.

 I have some upcoming obligations.
   You could be be dining on trotters first :)

Will do.

Obligations? Trotters? ... you lost me. o_0

Coming obligations may take me away long enough,
For a Canadian wolf who is
"(I'm chompin at your heals)" to reach the bicentennial event first.

James Joyce author of Finnegans Wake an unseemly writer for the time
referred to dancing feet as "let your trotters shake"

Putting those together, I came up chompin => dining | heals => trotters :)

Twisted logic from a mind tied in knots by years of engineering.

LOL... I knew there was some logic behind your comment.

btw, having worked with enough programmers, you'd think I would've decoded your thinking...

Oh, and... are you going somewhere? (none of my business of course). ;)

Well.........,  yes the programming has to be done on site, ties up my blog time.

I'm impressed you recognized the programmer's traits when I only said
engineering :-)

Hey, you don't work with programmers and miss their special language. :)

Congratulations! I'm glad to have met helpful people like you on Instructables.

Thanks. ;) Nice of you to say so, and btw, I think you're pretty helpful (and nice) too!

A blushing blkhawk?

Wasn't that the name of an Afgan mission? :P

There are many hawks where I live. And having a girl telling me nice things made me blush. :)

You two do realise you're chatting on a public forum, don't you?


You mean this ISN'T my Inbox?

Uh oh.... :P

aye does anyone know wat a spider drink is?

Listen, this is Canucksgirl moment in the spotlight. If you have something to ask you need to post somewhere else.

bikhawk said that he blushes or watever when u said something nice to him

Maybe "Reed" hasn't had a girl say nice things to him (?) yet?


Thank you Sir Kiteman!

BTW, the Queen did Knight you didn't she? ;)

Not yet.

Maybe if somebody put in a good word?

:D I'll bring it up the next time her majesty and I sit down for tea and scrumpets. :P

Thanks for posting this! I appreciate it (especially since I didn't get into the group). And a big thank you for the patch. That was really nice of you to do so!!!