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Capacitor Bank charger without flash circuits Answered

I want to make a capacitor bank and cant find a charger circuit.
I cant seem to find any secondhand disposable cameras and would greatly appreciate help making one without the circuit.


I made such a thing once and it was quite easy:
I used the selfinducting voltage of a charged coil to pulse-charge the cap.
0.: Get a REALLY big coul... made mine myself with thick copper (insulated) and had 210mH and capable of 3 Amps.
1.: power the coil with 12v or other adequate means of DC-power to not overshoot the max current in your coil.
2.: Power the coil up till you reach a steady state in current (Doesnt change much anymore) or till you reached a certain current-level (Like the max your coil should handle).
3.: Cut off the supply and the coil starts to selfinduce voltage
This voltage is directed (over a diode of adequate size) into the cap-bank.
4.: Let the coil cut off till the current in the col drops below a certain minimum (I had 100mA)
5.: goto 2.:

All the sensing and switching can be done with Operational amplifiers (Sensing, deciding) and large FET's. So it can be done 100% discreet.

Well, do you have any ideas how to make one?
If someone just posted a circuit diagram for one of the flash cameras people without a camera could whip one up.

I gave you all the information you needed to find the circuit on your own. Many diagrams and schematics are easily available online. Have you tried doing an internet search for a DC to DC boost converter schematic/ circuit diagram?

Look for a DC to DC boost converter that will output the voltage you need for the capacitor bank. All the camera flash circuit is, is a boost converter.