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Capacitor/wire problem... Samples? Answered

I am making a coil gun(like the instructables). I have everything good right now. but i need a way to get about maybe 16 gauge magnet wire and capacitors free(like samples) I have been needing wire and any wire is welcome to me. For the coil gun does magnet wire work the best or do you need normal copper? I want to get these for free please. like companies giving free samples. please send sites.(need free shipping as well please) ausi


As for your mini question, magnet wire is copper wire.  It's just coated thinly in a kind of varnish that means its overall size is lower (allows more coils in a smaller space)
As for your main question, it's tricky to get things like that for free.  Getting samples is usually reserved for corporate buyers.  If you invented a company and sent out a request on formal stationary or the electronic equivalent you could possibly get some from one of the manufacturers.

Ok that will work. I have a couple delemas. One is how to get the trigger to work. along with the charging circuit on it i keep destroying the circuit lol... i have 15 or so caps from disposable cameras. Which is a lot of uf and power... And i'm trying to find a way that i can charge it with having none of that power go back into the actual circuit after the caps are charged