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Captcha, Coincidence or Provedence? Answered

Ok, ive been sending some PMs around, quite a few in fact. And i must say ive started to notice a strange resemblance between some of the words? Has anyone else noticed this? is it a message from god? are the instructables team 'brainwashing' us? Here a few examples of my captchas, they currently will only make sense to the few. Add your screen shots of amazing coincedence captchas in the comments!


Captcha's knowledge is starting to scare me...

An affair with Helen of Troy... I don't think I'd mind, the last chap got off scott free, minus destruction of his home city...

Should I ready my doomsday kit?

THe weirdest one I've had was: "your imbecile"

I don't send or receive many pm's... *sniff*

ummmmmmmm, you might want to remove the second picture, kiteman said no references

I hate captchas some times is that an S B?


ihni, if you click the refresh button, you should be ok!

no this was just an odd incident i had it does that sometimes I mean there are alot of good ones just there are a few


9 years ago

I got one which said "futile checks"

It's probably cuz you are using a mac and not a PC, the Instructables community doesn't like that! I'm only teasing, that Captcha was probably made by some 3rd party, you would have to send the company an email about the list of words that they are using

Actually, most creative people use macs, so you will find they are about 50 50 here.

If I recall correctly, Apple sells more laptops than any other company. (I could be wrong, but they're way up there) So actually using a mac is not being unique ;-P

Yep your right, apple sells alot more laptops than any other company, if i remeber correctly, they are 3rd in company size, with microsoft being 1st, and ibm second. Though they are catching up with ibm. People see apple as a percentage against windows, instead of looking at the hardware. Apple is the single largest computer company in the world. ITs net worth is somewhere around 150 billion, dell, is around 15 billion.

Microsoft doesn't make computers, just the OS ;-) Therefore they're last :P

I have a Mac (a MacBook, to be specific), the deal maker was Final Cut Express.

The deal breaker for me was it being a 64bit system. that and the fact that it worked.

Spammers use porn websites to solve captchas for them

...that was a tad random :P Actually, now the more commonly used method is just outsource to places like India, where they have CAPTCHA-solving facilities, employing people for small wages to type in letters :P I think the going rate is like $2 for 1,000 CAPTCHAs, and the workers probably don't see half that money...

That's really weird....

Crazy eh? just some kinda wicked coincidence i think.

no, i think that the captchas are a random image of two words instead of 2 random images of 1. This will lead to more coincidental terms

Yeah, they know all. Better get a new site, if ya know what I mean...


9 years ago

:O Thats some crazy, craaaazy business...

They are coming to take you away!!