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Captcha Troubles - Read me! Answered

November 14, 2013

We're currently dealing with the known (and serious) problem of the Captcha no appearing correctly, this is a site-wide issue affecting many members.

While we fix things on our end, you may be able to get the Captcha to appear by:
  • Ensuring you have all script-blocking add-ons disabled (like AdBlock, GreaseMonkey, or LastPass). Make sure you have cookies enabled for Instructables.com, then clear your browser cache. Log in and refresh the page and try leaving a comment or publish a project and see if you can get the Captcha puzzle-box to appear.
  • Another option is to make sure your browser zoom is set to default (ctrl+0 / Apple key + 0), as sometimes the Captcha window is hiding behind another field on the page.
If none of that works please know we are furiously trying to nail down this bug so that you can continue enjoying our site and sharing your projects. We'll post an update here when we've fixed this problem.

Please use this forum topic to document your experience and share with us (all other topics regarding this bug have been locked)
Sorry for the delay, guys.


We've updated the Captcha and it should now work.
Please clear your browser cache, ensure script-blocking browser add-ons are disabled, then refresh the page and try again.

For those that are interested, Captcha recently changed the way the puzzle was displayed and solved, and we were among a few sites that were caught unawares. It took a few days but we've fixed it now.

-204 minutes ago?!?

You must be in a time machine...

using Chrome, i deleted cache etc. i disabled ad-block. I shift-reloaded the page. Logged in usign FB. No captcha visible when trying to post a comment on someone's instructable

this still doesn't work. i see no captcha. using chrome with ad-block and i'm sorry but i refuse to remove ad-block for one site when every other site in the world works with it.

I was trying to post a comment on a instructable, but it said I needed to enter the two words in the image. But all it shows is the comment field and then: "This helps us prevent spam". The html id of the div i believe suppose to contain the captcha is "#recaptchaContainernull" I believe that this should probably be "recaptchaContainernull". This html div tag having the wrong id would prevent the captcha from loading dynamically with javascript. I was trying to comment on: https://www.instructables.com/id/Repair-mouse-with-double-click-problem/?ALLSTEPS if that makes any bit of difference.