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Captcha (sp?) disappeared from PMs. Bug? Feature? Answered

. Are y'all aware that Captcha is not being called when sending PMs. I like it, but thought it might be accidental, so I'm reporting it.


We removed the captcha for various users (yourself included) who we trust not to send spam PM's. Before the latest release, even I had to prove to the website that I wasn't a robot sending spam! Soon, we'll be distributing this more widely. Hold tight while we figure out how.

*cough* I'm not a spammer... *cough*

This is my official installment that ewilhelm/ Eric Wilhelm did not take away the Captcha for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Take that pizza eaters!!!

Weird, cause I don't have to type Captcha anymore.

What about me? I'm a known not spammer! I'm an ANTIspammer, even.

you spammed me for my password earlier!

And anyway, that was in comments on a forum topic I created. It's not spam, nor hijacking, if it's in my own forum topic or on my own orangeboard.

Besides that, this entire thing was talking about PM's. Maybe you should just leave me alone before another fight breaks out and I have to fly to wherever you live and, well, (Be nice policy)

you dis it on my orangeboard. i just deleted it

Okay, good. So.. shoo. Go away. Leave me along. You're annoying.

You let yourself be annoyed.

Nope. That's not how it works.

For your password to an account which was copying and spamming me. I was in the right.

AH! I guess I'm a suspected spammer! :D Just kidding...