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Caption Competition - Win a Book Answered

Want to win a book for a funny caption? Then enter this caption competition! The best caption for the picture below from our forum post about our move wins a copy ofProgramming Video Games for the Evil Genius by Ian Cinnamon.

And the winner is... laminterious!


The quote by laminterious is most accurate based upon my current programming.laminterious shall win the paper data recording.I commend all human participants for trying.

Well done, laminterious.

(I don't know what I would have done with the book if won it anyway...)

Thanks! Once I get it, I will make a few games (hopefully) and post them so others can play.

c'mon hes not a show of...... any ways good work! {although i like to have that book although i already know how to make games} this is going to be my desktop from now on :P

then give it to ME if you already have it!!

I never said i have it.... i said id like to, on the other hand i cant give my knowledge via internet!! hmmm maybe i can, i only know flash {AS2,AS3} ,blender {3D} , softimage XSI {3D} , anime studio 8 {Something like flash} MAYA 8{3D i think you know ;)} i also know some autocad and CATIA v5 r17 {cad programs catia is made by dassault systemmes} if you're a starter i recommend blender and flash as2 [action script] but before, learn c++{equivalent to c} and JAVA [JAVA 3D is optional} AS3 is a little harder but you can learn it to be ahead of the crowd, oh and learn python for blender i just started to animate 3D python is really hard so don't overwork yourself]

heres a pick of a blade i made from boredness:


1) I have Anime Studio. I'm fairly good at it.

2) I'm gonna try working with blender this summer, although I've heard its a bit hard at first

3) I'm gonna learn a bit of scripting this summer, at least as much as I can learn from the W3 site

4) I'm gonna practice flash with a trial version

5) You said although i like to have that book, sounds like you did have it.

Hmmn....I'm really gonna have to keep in touch with you.....I'm gonna ask you if I get stuck in anything....

3) I'm gonna learn a bit of scripting this summer, at least as much as I can learn from the W3 site

Have you picked a scripting language? I have fooled around extensively (at home and at work) with JavaScript, and if you are familiar with Perl, it is a breeze......I wasn't so it took me a bit....but I didn't have any trouble with it. If you pick VBscript, and have fooled with the old BASIC language, you are in for some cultural shock :-) There are a lot of scripting languages to choose from though, depending on what you need to do, and what platform you are working with.

I have not really decided on one yet. I want to know the uses and advantages of each. I'll ask around here for help when the time comes. Thanks

sorry it was supposed to say "i'd" sorry for the typo

you could've told them to give it to me instead!!!!

Why do you always reply like that to my comments? It's like you've branded me as "freak". Seriously, at least have a normal conversation with me like you do with everyone else! Not just stare and whisper to someone!!!!!

It's not personal, he's english... it doesn't mean anything, it's just sarcasm which functions similarly to conversation but with mildy laughter and smirking, it's wierder when you have the same sarcasm and differing colloqiualisms, wee bog as in toilet really confuses them or makes them laugh for ten minutes...

If you say something a little odd such as that you'll get a sarcastic agreement like that half that time...

see? That wasn't so hard now was it? You people use too many fancy words to sound edumacated.

It is called being concise (oops LOL) That is, instead of saying "one of those little components that has 3 wires and is made up of a Metal Oxide doping material and reacts to electromagnetic fields" we tend to shorten that with terms like MOSFET. It makes for shorter sentences ;-) If you type the following into the google search bar: Define & then the word or term you wish to learn you will normally get a bunch of definitions

So you're saying that that machine can smartificate me and make me edumacated? That is amacazing! Hi-yuck!

Machine? When I was younger, I made lists of words I didn't know when I read books, etc. I was fully intending to look them up. I found a lot of them recently, and I found that I didn't need to look most of them up, I learned what they meant by reading quality material. It is amazing...and with only the effort put forth into reading, which I was going to do anyway ;-)

Ha, I think I owe Wikipedia a thanks for half of my vocabulary. Every time I look something up, I end up having to click on at least one other link on that page to find out what that means.

You know...?

I have to sometimes too, especially when in complex chemistry type subjects :-)

like that! What is that supposed to mean?!

Haven't ever seen Deliverance?

It's the scene where the completely uneducamated back woods mutant out-plays the city-slicker tourist.

Dueling banjos was in that movie ? ( memory loss is starting too early in my life ), I will have to re-watch it I guess.

OK, relax. I didn't realise you'd take it so personally.

But seriously, if I had won, who should I send it to? I'm sure any of the other entrants wanted it just as much.

No, I'd have probably ebayed it for GOSH.

  • Me - the cheerful beginner who would use it as an introduction to programming.
  • Guyfrom7up - the experienced pupil who would use it to its full potential
  • Gorillazmiko - the lovable guy, who would use it for a couple of days, then forget it forever...
  • T3h Muffinator - who would use it as a casual reminder and quick reference guide
  • Your children - who would accept it with a hollow smile and playfully run to their rooms with it. You feel the satisfaction of a job well done. Then your happiness if crushed when you find the book in the toilet with one son exclaiming: uh...oops! uh....guess I cant keep it now! Gee!

Your choice

No fair, making me choose, so I won't. I'll stick with ebay.

(Don't you think this argument is as pointless as DjProToJeeX's moans about the Burning Questions?)

What was DjProToJeeX moaning about? I saw the treads but isn't he whining about the contest being extended?

I am actually taking a round with him. killerjackalope is resting up, so I took his shift. My argument is not pointless! You just want to silence me!! I will not be silenced!!!!111oneone!!!!

are you following me or something?!!

It's a conspiracy I tell ya!


uhu, defenitely maily cause you respond fast ;)

well, I know I did the same kind of thing (before the web) when reading about quantum physics, a book of terms was always close at hand :-) thus I could leave no quark unturned ;-)

Are we allowed to slap people having scary-sounding tests?

virtual slaps are a breeze compared to getting those bloody EKG contacts OFF one's skin (even if they HAVE shaved you ... ouch! ).

And now I know why I would never get a "hot wax" of my chest (who in their right mind would have that done to their entire chest ? I had 2 in squares taken off and yelped like a kicked puppy). Thankfully, it is very momentary....