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Caption Contest! Winner announced! Answered

Eric and Christy recently spent a couple weeks in Guatemala and didn't invite any of us to go along! Well, we at least got to see the several hundred photos they shot while they were out there, including this bird shot.

Come up with a caption for this photo and win this awesome magnetic photo rope from Photojojo. The best caption will be selected tomorrow afternoon. Limit of 5 captions per person.


OK, we all took a vote and here's the winner:

"I'm telling you its a mannequin , it's ok to poo on it." by Mr. Rig It

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who submitted a caption.

Whaooo!! Yeah dats what I'm talking about! Uuhhh...wait what did I win? I kinda have a felling it's a free butt kicking from both Eric and Christy.

Oh wait, thats right photo rope, too cool! Thanks everyone, that was so fun! I was laughing my butt off reading all of those captions.

Congratulations, Mr. Rig It. Will there be other caption contests? Oooh! I know! Do one with a photo from the Guatemala trip with Christy in it!

Are there gonna be more of these? I really enjoy seeing all the funny captions!

Eric's milkshakes bring all the birds to the yard!

"and there like SQWAACK! its better than yours..."


10 years ago

#4 Blue Macaw: This must be some new kind of monkey that wears clothes. Red Parrot: I'll see if there is hair in here. (Optional part) Blue Macaw: So is there? Red Parrot: I can't belive it. It's an inch thick

that's it for my 5 tries, may the best caption win!

Police described the muggers as "About 1ft 2in, brightly colored and heavily beaked".

uhnce! uhnce! uhnce! uhnce! uhnce!

green bird feels left out of the button stealing contest

green bird: "nurses! prep him for surgery!"

evidently the parrot on the right thinks that eric would look sexier without a shirt, and wants it that way! ewww, gross! (though eric doesn't seem to mind)

For a second there I thought it said photo rape. Maybe that's my subconscious telling me something...

Reading Doctor What's instruction manual "If odd thought persist, consult doctor immediately."

A man with a Ph.D should know better...

Eric: Great. I've got two parrots eating my shirt, and does Christy help me? No, she takes a picture!

Christy? Christy? Help Christy! No, Christy, don't walk away! Christy, I'm sorry. I'm sorry about the other day! CHRISTY!!!

Lol, I didn't even read the other posts before I entered that one...I guess great minds think alike!

Man:stop it tickles, Multi-colored: I think I found it running up his chest Blue parrot: Are you sure? something smells really good in his pits.


10 years ago

I want one of these!

or, maybe,

I want one of those!

  • The red parrot is getting kinda frisky, isn't he?
  • Whoa, buddy. I'm married.

"Press any button to continue..."

Blue bird: "I can't find his wallet, how about you?"
Red bird:No, nothing here. At least lets take his buttons then!

First photos of the remake of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" starring Willem Dafoe.

Quick, bite his button and we might just get a caption competition!

Are you sure it's a tree?

Blue bird: "You go for the buttons, I'll go straight for a nipple cripple!"

"Man! I love eating shirt buttons. It confuses the heck out of humans."

Outraged, "Polly" and his girl "Ester", attacked the human that dare name his shirt using a combination of their names!


10 years ago

After a thorough search by the Homeland Security Bird Patrol Eric was cleared to enter the compound.


10 years ago

Eric: NO!! I told you to give him the bird not give ME the bird!!

Blue bird: Okay, we've got another annoying American tourist infestation starting up... Maybe if we scare off the first of the infestation we can stop the rest of the infestation entirely!
Okay, so I'll bite off his arm and you steal his shirt.
Three, two, one... ATTACK!

Big Red, I flew south a long time to get here.Would you mind going down south a little yourself ?

I smell wacky tobacy in this pocket, I`m going for the money belt down here

As Eric played with Mr. Red and Mrs. Blue, Dr. Green planned his revenge...

See if he has an INNIE or an OUTIE'

Yep, he`s American. I can smell the Twinkies

Christy sotto voce "Great! I married frick'n Dr.Dolittle!"

When I said "pair it up" i expected a threesome.....just not like this!

Heh, heh, this isn't like that trip to the Tiki Lounge at Disney World, is it?

"Silly birds, thats not food, thats Eric!"