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Caption competition... Answered

No prizes, just for fun, what would your caption be for this image from the BBC Science website?


Current leader:

"Lindt decided that their gold easter bunny had become dated, decide to combine easter and Halloween instead".

...from a very disturbed mind.


New leader:

"Trinny and Susannah harass Akhenaten on their new series ' What Not To Worship'."

(I think there's more than a wire loose in that brain)


Milk..... It does a body good!!! I'm too sexy for my shirt, Too sexy for my... Hey little girls, want some candy?

John McCain works the crowd on the campaign trail.

Barack Obama works the crows on the campaign trail...
I'm going to hell aren't I?

...cigarettes must have been more common than I thought...

Harold, I believe you took the diet a little TOO far this time....

Oooo, the perfect man for us, one that doesn't argue back !

They said a mud bath would make me look YOUNGER, they lied !

I TOLD you that you would not survive being "BRONZED"!

...and he just went up in flames after that....

And I would like to thank everyone at "Diet-rite" for helping me with my weight loss program.

"Are you my virgins??" LOL, Achmed reference ;]

Oh rats, and I was thinking of posting an Achmed video..you beat me to the joke by....about half a year LOL

"A.....C..............Phlegm......" Hee hee!

Doctor, doctor, please kiss me (joke)

He looks a bit scary...

"I will NEVER go to that barber again..."

Lady 1: Oh my what a sexy mummy
Lady 2: Omg like hes like hot
Mummy IM A LADY ******* ******** ******* CHICKEN**** ** YOU **************************************** rowboat*****************ers

You've heard of "position 69"? Well that number is 2140 stages more rude.

good thing I didn't go for 3209 that would be totally offensive

And also only legal in the remotest parts of Louisiana...

If you're from Louisiana, that was a joke. Probably.

That is one movie I would not go see......

Trinny and Susannah harass Akhenaten on their new series ' What Not To Worship'.

"Models marry 3000 year old Russian billionaire for his dashing good looks."



9 years ago

"See Merideth, Malcom only wanted a rejuvinating arm and shoulder wrap" "Awh, look, He's smiling.."


9 years ago

"So I says to Eddie Plein, 'My grillz are au natural"

look up Eddie Plein, so you get the gist of that joke :D


9 years ago

"If you want a toned sexy core, look no further than Bo-Flex"

'do you like my new guchi leather handbag?'


10 years ago

"Now show us where he touched you on the doll."

omg! jim fell asleep in the tanning booth again :O

here's jonnythewierdcorpseman!

it looks like his coma's gone into a worse state - this hasn't happened to him since 1456

I'm pleased with the tummy tuck, the liposuction, the nose job, the teeth reconstruction, the botox and the eyebrow lift, but what did you do to my hair!?


10 years ago

the 1983 blonde hide and seek champion.

Right this way, Grandpa; it's time for your yearly bath.

"I knew that tanning bed was a bad idea..."


10 years ago

George liked dating younger women...

"Set it, and forget it!!!"