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Car Audio? Answered

First off, this is a question about speakers sound quality loudness and all that stuff, it doesn't really have to do with any math or equations, just experience.  So I want some sub woofers, and after looking around I have determined that there are cheap ones, and very expensive ones.  Now, if I get a fairly affordable 15" (med quality) will it be louder/better than a 12" one that costs $900



Best Answer 6 years ago

No bigger does not really mean louder, but neither does more expensive. It's all about airspace in front and behind the speaker in question (thats why custom sound systems take up the whole trunk). Take this from someone who revamped his whole system personally, if you want a good sound system pay what you are willing to pay but do your research first. In all reality I can make a 64 cutlass louder than those big fancy systems for less than half the price because of airspace and acoustics of the trunk/car. So to answer your original question, the more expensive ones will probably last longer, but the speakers are only as loud as the air around them so go with the medium quality ones.

all good. Have fun with your sound system.


6 years ago

A lot of places now have nuisance sound laws that limit the amount of decibels that can escape from your car. A big set of speakers might eventually cost you a lot more than just the purchase price. And a nice side effect is that after a few years you will also need to purchase a hearing aid to help compensate for the hearing loss.

(Sorry but I just get really annoyed when some not so bright person person pulls up next to me with his obscene rap music going full blast. I mean I really don't care what the rapper thinks of his half sisters sexual performance with his associates).

It isn't for the rap for me, I like big orchestra music, and without good sub woofers you get the bottoming out rattle from big bass drums and low strings. I agree with you about the annoyance this stuff can cause, but when competition arises I just need to know how to be the best. I don't have room for much in the cab of my 48 f1 so I don't want to have to resort to fitting them in the box.

You might find this review page helpful. I prefer to compare things across many brands to see how they rate against each other. Like mpilchfamily said, the quality of the materials are a big indicator of the overall quality (but companies tend to tell you what you want to hear), so an impartial review imo, is a good way to decide.

Fortunately or Unfortunately its always about the math.

How load a speak sounds is based on how many watts it can take. A 200W 12" Speaker can be just as load as a 200W 15" speaker. How good that speaker sounds and what frequency range it can hit and response time of the speaker will vary based on the coil, what the cone is made of and size/quality of the magnet. The main things that affect price is the kind of materials the speaker is made from and how much extra the company wants to charge you for there name being on it.