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Car Audio Answered

post all your stuff/questions about car audio.


2000watt Soundstream Rubicon 405 5 channel amp 4 Diamond Audio Motorsport Crossovers 4 Diamond Audio 250watt speakers 2 800 watt Infiniti subs 80watt x4 (not that the wattage for it matters) Alpine Deck

Dam your deck is giving out alot ! Most desks usualy give 50 watt max like 20 rms

Was, it was all stolen and burned in a wheelbarrow down the street where i used to live.

Wow nice set ups. Im only running -2 12 inch kenwoods -rockford fosgate 350s (360 watt rms) -2 Power acoustik dome tweeter Need more money! lol

ill start things off i have 4 infinity reference mids 4 infinity directional dome tweeters 2 12" infinity subs with a 600 watt amp 2 12" pioneer subs with a 1000 watt Xplod amp and a pioneer deck with sirus, bluetooth and a ipod plugin I am in the process of buying a 250 amp high powered alternator.

not buying alt.
and not using pioneers

I would never have two different subs and have component speakers for all four speakers the sound would suck (for the speak.) don't worry about a higher power alternator, get good batt. and a good cap. =)

yeah I don't have the pioneer in my car right now and oh I figured out that my amp was not 600 it actually is 1600 watts. oops

Yeah, the different subs is a pretty stupid move. I have a good battery and cap also. :-D i blew my Alternator 6 times, i love lifetime warranty.

you will have to get two plus batt to better support the draw

that is the dogs where the hell did you find that thing and what car are you puting it in

Are u talking about the picture above of the MTX Jackhammer? or my config?