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Car, Cold, Ice, Snow and Wipers and better defrosting question Answered

So if you live in a state that gets snow and ice one area you can never seem to get all the ice off, or the area that seems to build up ice easily is your wipers.

Now my idea is like the rear window, when you turn on the defroster it warms up wires inside of the window that melts and defrostes the snow/ice/frost etc.

A. Any ideas how I would make something like that, where I could turn on a switch that would be hooked to the battery with a fuse in the line where I could some how coil the wire around or under the wiper to melt the ice on the blade and in the area where the wipers are "stored" when turned off.

B. Any different ideas then the one above?

C. Any ways to make a roll of plastic or something with the wires held in place?

All thoughts, ideas, diagrams and explanations welcome =)



10 years ago

put a little cologne(about %70 ethanol) into the windshield water reservoir,and do a few cycles

or directly pour the cologne on

My dad sometimes pours hot coffee on the doors when they freeze shut.

Not a good idea to pour hot stuff on a frozen window though.

try ethanol,this is a tested method and it works wonders

Good point. He also poured coffee on a raccoon....

You know... I really have nothing to say about that... except "why?"

Probably not a rapid de-icing, but I have had some success with a heat exchanger process by running a heated extension to the wiper washer reservoir to provide warm water to the windscreen. In application the plastic outlet tube from the wiper washer reservoir motor is intercepted and an extension is routed in several coils around the top radiator hose and back to the washers. When applied (post warm engine) the washer water is heated by the radiator hose, the more coils, the longer the warm jet of water to clean/de-ice the windshreen. Only really effective with a warming or hot engine.


10 years ago

The single best way to melt ice quickly is to introduce a large amount of heat without using a high temperature, and the easiest way to do that is a large volume of warm/hot water. My dad used to leave a 5 litre bottle of water on a radiator ready to use in the morning- it would defrost an entire windscreen and not refreeze in the harshest winters the UK had to throw at us, because it didn't just melt the ice, it warmed up the windscreen as well. Other than that I'd suggest pivoting the wipers away from the screen when parking (if your wipers do that- they should, certainly) to prevent the ice from building up there. SOmetimes the best solutions are the simplest ones..

Spray some wd-40 over a lighter towards your car! (probably not a good idea)

. Would some 1/4-1/2" tubing, run from a heater duct, work? You could either heat the whole area where the blades park or just the wipers (plug the end and poke holes along the length on the blade). . An electrical heater, as per guyfrom7up, means you don't have to wait for the engine to heat up.

This might be easier than an electrical version - all you're doing to the car's systems is drilling a hole in heating vent, which can easily be plugged if you change your mind.

You might want to run two tubes up the wiper, though, one up each side of the blade.

I can't remember what but I suspect salt or some such added to the wiper mix may help, as a preventative measure anyway, or using pure defroster/cleaner and lighting it on fire while spraying, melts ice and your wipers...

Ironically enough, me and my dad pondered this question today (except ours was the whole window, not just the wipers). I was thinking something along the lines of a heating blanket, which seems to be about like what guyfrom7up said, but without the blanket part...

i personally just skimmed your question, all you need is nichrome wire, maybe put it in an aluminum tube for protection