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Car Stereo Antenna for In-Home use? Answered

I'm decent with working with modifying electronics, but I don't have much experience with antennae, reception, or any of that good stuff. I have plenty of experience with soldering, both wire connections, and motherboard components, so that's not a problem.. I already have my stereo wired to my computer's psu, with the pci-e power, and already have everything hooked up as of a year ago.. Aux In, Usb, and Sd all work fine, but I can't use the FM radio function, due to my lack of an antenna.. I've heard of bending a coat hanger, and shoving it in, and I don't like that shotty work, and I used to have an extension, or an adapter, (Not sure exactly what it was), but It got mediocre reception, and I gave it to a friend that I hooked up a stereo indoors for.. I can find such an adapter cheap, but I want something that will get AWESOME signal.. I know most components that require lengths of wire drop voltage, or signal over distance, such as power cables, Cat5 cables, so on and so forth.. So what can I use, modify, or make to get the reception I want, on a budget? I don't want a crappy fix.. I just want something affordable, reliable, and something that won't look too horrible. I have the stereo mounted to my desk, so not much will be exposed, depending on the length of said antenna, Thanks in advance!!



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The connector is the biggest problem but not too difficult to solve. You have several choices. You can buy a connector that matches what you have on the radio...OR... you could buy an adaptor connector that adapts from what your radio has...to what your house antenna connector is. That's one option. OR you could just open up the radio and solder a wire to the antenna terminal at the backside of the connector. then just run the wire out of the radio's case. If you live in the city, you should have no problem picking up lots of channels and that short wire should get you going. If you want to pick up stations from further away, you could put a VHF antenna up in your attic or on your roof. I put one in our attic so it wouldn't get damaged from weather. It will last FOREVER in my attic and I pick up many TV channels with it. If your building is metal, the antenna will need to be outside the building.

What is your line of sight?

Radio signals can be fickle if the building you are in or the neighbouring buildings have a lot of metal in its construction that is why the car antenna is on the outside of the car.

This is called line of sight when something is between you and the source that can block the signal.

Yeahh, I live in a MASSIVE mobile home park, but we get great reception on our other stereo, (Home Stereo from RAC).. But does anybody know where I can get the connector that slides into the stereo itself? I checked RadioShack, but they didn't have anything, due to it being one of the smaller stores.. And can someone please explain to me what a vhf antenna is? Thank you all for the replys!! You've all helped more than you could imagine!

Yes VHF is an acronym for very high frequency UHF Ultra High Frequency of course today the standards are the same but we can make transmitters for much higher frequencies.

A pic of the connector next to a dime for size reference would help, (Bigger or smaller than a dime) or two or more conductors.

Some antenna need to be tuned to the frequency range of the signal you want to receive, IE VHF antenna for Very High Frequencies and UHF antenna for Ultra High Frequencies.

I know this may not solve your problem but I hope it helps you understand them.

I think I know the connector you want, much the same as the one on my transmitter equipment but to be sure a pic is best. You would not want me to tell you the wrong one to Google.


If you want a good signal than you'll need to run a wire outside the building and mount your antenna in a location that has a good line of site to the direction the radio stations are transmitting from.