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Car Stereo in home Answered

Ok, im new to all this and i was wondering if i can connect my car stereo to an xbox power brick dirrectly without any amps? and just run 4 speakers off it like its ment to? anybody any ideas on how to do it?

THe actuall power cables for my stereo are:

Red : Power (+)
Yellow (fused) : 12v+ memory
Black : GND

what wires would i connect to them from the xbox power brick? i have 3 yellow, 3 black, a red and blue wire. Your help would be much appreciated everyone.



7 years ago

If I'm understanding what you've written correctly, you have red, yellow, and black power wires coming out of your car stereo. The red "Power" would be connected to the ignition in a car, and would have no power to it when the car is off. Yellow "memory" has power regardless of the key position; this is the always-there 12V that maintains the radio presets and such, and doesn't go away unless you pull the car battery. Black is the ground for both of them.

In other words, you have to have red and yellow both connected to +12V with the black connected to ground to operate the stereo. Disconnecting the red turns off the radio but doesn't touch the presets.

A quick search turns up information on how to get 12V out of an Xbox PSU. They're pretty hefty and should have no problem powering a stereo. Keep in mind that most car speakers are 4ohm, and you may have problems if you connect 8ohm speakers.

You've posted the same topic twice - that's generally frowned upon as spamming the forums.


7 years ago

You might want to look into "converting car stereos for home use". I think there are different power requirements and the power brick may not be able to supply the right kind or amperage for your car stereo unit. Dunno if the amp is part of your stereo unit or not. Good luck.