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Car runs along at 376.59 mpg and gets a Guinness World Record Answered

The funny thing is that this happened 35 years ago and the car that did it was from 1959. It's not exactly a consumer vehicle, but still impressive.

Some info:
- the vehicle was a 1959 Opel T-1
- interior completely stripped except for a plastic seat for the driver
- top was chopped to lose drag
- super-hard low-friction tires used
- was driven at 30 mph
- chain drive used to lose weight
- the fuel line was insulated and heated so the gasoline entered the combustion chambers as lean vapor



I guess MPG stands for "Miles per gallons", right ?

( ... damn, if I want to understand why Patrik seems so amazed, I'm going to be forced to translate the outdated US' units to modern international units ...)
( ... but I'm feeling so lazy today .......... )
( ... )
( ... Oh, well, let's see ................. )
( ... 376.59 miles == 606.06 kilometres ... )
( ... 1 gallon == 3.7854118 litres ... )
( ... so, 606.06 km/gallon == 160.1 km/L ... )
( ... which gives us 0.62 L/100km. )
( ... Ok. Now I need a reference to compare with. )
( ... Looking for my car handbook ... )
( ... )
( ... )
( ... Seems I've lost it ... )
( ... Ok ... Last time I fully filled the tank, I paid 50.6 Euros ( $74.38) ... )
( ... I remember it was 1.34 Euro per litre ... )
( ... So, I filled about 38 litres ... )
( ... With a full tank, I can drive up to 550 kilometres. )
( ... And I think that my tank has a maximum capacity of 40 litres. )
( ... So ....... 40/540*100 == 7.4 L/100km. )
( ... and the other car make 0.62 L/100km ?! Wow !! )
( ... Ok. Let's translate it to the outdated units so they will understand why you're amazed too. )
( ... 7.4 L/100km == 13.5 km/L ... (and the other car make 160 km/L ?! wow !))
( ... 13.5 km/L == 51.15 km/gallon == 31.78 mpg ... )

376.59 mpg ???????!!!! WOW !! Mine only runs along at 31.78 mpg !!!!!!!
Wow !! I can't believe that ......... I'm amazed !!

Hold on... 1.34 Euro per liter?
That's 5.07 Euro per gallon and that's = $7.52 per gallon.

Yow... gas stations here are around $3.30 per gallon.

This is why we have the big cars.

Well, here you can buy 22 litters for a dollar ... I live in Venezuela, and I think it's the cheapest fuel in the world

try going to Oman, or Bahrain...i was there this summer and it worked out to something like a dollar US for 6 gallons...roughly 24 Liters

22 litres for a dollar ?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xo( But that's unfair !!!!!!!!

Yep, in England, with all the conversions taken into account, pay $10-$12 per gallon. Its kinda weird...

Ouch. At some point, I have to wonder what us spoiled americans are complaining about, maybe we should have to pay your prices for a couple months, then we would realize how lucky we are. :(

It's good that you bring this back to the surface. That's giving me the occasion to update some data =o)

Currently, it's no more 1.34€/L. It's 1.49 € per litre.

Also, each time that I gave the mileage of my tiny car as reference, I forgot to say that this is an old car : 1996.
More recent big cars have a very better mileage than mine.

Yep, gas in Europe is expensive by US standards. Petrol is heavily subsidized in the US (property taxes, military actions to maintain flows of oil, R&D, and even huge tax breaks if you can believe it.) Also, the users of the roads do not pay for the roads. Rather we all do by property and sale tax. It was a neccesity from the Eisenhower Administration do build an interstate system and highway connectors to unite and protect the US to a possible invasion. However, it was very unpopular to migrate the tax burden on the auto users via appropriate market values of petrol, along with road use taxes (that $100 for your annual tag is a pittance). Also, the auto manufacturers fought like hell to prevent increased gas prices, because it would cut into sales of cars. And after the demobilization of WWII we needed to keep the heavy manufacturing industry around, along with the jobs associated it. It was, and is, a devil and the deep blue see.

Yep, 1.34 Euro per litre of unleaded with octane rating of 95 (equ. to 90 in USA), in the cheapest station of the nearset city. Else, it's even more expensive. (hopefully, all the taxes are alreay included in the price)

Here, the regular stuff is typically 87 octane with the other options being 89 and 91 or 92. The high-octane stuff is usually about 20 cents more per gallon. So... going the other way it's about .62 Euro or 47 pence for the same stuff. And that includes taxes.

Fuel in the UK has an even higher rate of duty (= tax) - it works out at about $10 per imperial gallon (104pence per litre for unleaded, diesel is even higher, around 111p/litre).

Aren't there annual mileage contests? Tiny children driving round and round a track in tiny cars with tiny engines? Surely they'd have beaten that by now?

I think car companies should make 1 or 2 person ultra small car with not to many frills. And give it maybe like 200 mpg. and smart cars don't have nearly as good milage as they could have.

it's that awful tiptronic gearbox, you get a jerky ride as is then you have to rev the balls clean off it only to find you still havn't persuaded it to go for a shift...

that's why we love manual transmissions, well that and they don't have torque converters and weigh less.

Aye, though it's supposed to be manual flappy paddle but nah...

I think there's something tactile about changing gears yourself, automatics are boring and such...

Part of the problem is the fear of those multi-ton trucks, and their 300 lb tires that explode on the road and can take out even a pickup truck if hit correctly (windshields / windscreens, especially).

As a child passenger, I saw one blow on a UK motorway and a chunk smashed in a passing car's passenger door. >ouch<

I can imagine. I once worked at a place that recapped tires, back when it was done on passanger cars too, and those truck tires have a VERY heavy hunk of vulcanized rubber....literally hot glued onto the tire "blank". Thankfully it is not legal to use those on the "front" of the "tractor portion" of the tractor/trailer. If the tire blows, as you witnessed, the rubber is launched with even MORE force than just the speed of the tire's rotation. ouch indeed...

I will beat that in a few years... Hopefully At least 100 or just electric


10 years ago

Daymn! That's really impressive. I wouldn't have been surprised at 100mpg or better with such simple modification - but 376.59 mpg?! That's pretty amazing! It also offers a great opportunity for another backyard tinkerer to do the same with one of todays much lighter cars - this is still a 50's, heavy steel frame car, after all. We should at the very least be able to beat it on weight nowadays, if perhaps not much on engine efficiency...

we have not advanced in engine efficiancy. only on hybrids. its the same as it was 50 yrs ago!

my 1991 Henway get good mpg. never checked it I just add some corn it runs around all day. Very clean and the byproducts are fee.

problem is, it isnt street legal. but still, probly the only good thing a Ford has ever done... other then explode in a bad samaritans garage. i dont like fords...

I don't like Fords either. Except for a '68 Fastback Mustang or an early BDA Rally Escort...

It's got a lot more problems than that. The ride is slow and bumpy. Still impressive, though.

well, obviously lol but i meant they would never make cars like that commercialy because of the above problems. i had a heated debate with my drivers ed instructer because he was convinced the TaTa Nano was coming to america, he had only heard about it on the news. he didnt know half the info that was in the post... needles to say, he got pwned

Too bad it isn't street legal, otherwise I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Where is this verified? Are there more pictures of the vehicle? Who is the current owner of the vehicle? Is that it? MOAR DETAILS!

I guess we haven't come very far in the last 50 years when it comes to MPG. I.C.Engines are old. Someone please start pushing battery technology and electric cars.