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Carbo zinc rods? Answered

hi, i saw an instructable on arc lights but i cant find out wat batterys will have a carbon zinc rod. can someone please help. also am i suppose to use alkaline batterys?


. Last time I was taking batteries apart (it's been a while) all alkaline batteries had carbon rod cores. The bigger the battery, the bigger the rod. Things may have changed, do a little experimenting with the batteries you have laying around..

. I'm talking about AAA, AA ... D cell batteries. Don't know about other alkies.

. The stuff inside alkaline batteries is pretty nasty. Wear "rubber" gloves, wash your tools when finished, and dispose of the leftovers properly.

It's a carbon rod, not a carbon zinc rod. You find them in carbon-zinc batteries, which are usually labeled "Heavy Duty." D cells have the largest rods. Also, I've found that the zinc chloride, ammonium chloride, and manganese dioxide (the black paste surrounding the rod) Is a pain in the butt to get off any tools you use to extract the carbon rod. I ruined a pair of needlenose pliers (cheap ones, fortunately) that became encased in a rock-hard shell of hardened electrolyte.