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Cardboard Tubes Answered

What can I do with cardboard tubes? Anybody have ideas? I'm focusing on different ways to strengthen the tubes and angling them for a project and need a little bit of help brainstorming


If you really want to do a lot of angled cutting, you could build a geodesic dome (or sphere).

Somewhat less ambitiously, glue them together into "honeycombed" hexagonal groups of of seven (six + one in the middle), and you can probably build anything you want out of those.

if you have relatives into halo yu could build a spnkr rocket launcher. the website is www.halopedia.com

My wife would use them for Guinea Pig playhouses LOL

I take this back, they wouldn't be quite big enough around for Cavies. Hamsters, mice and some rats maybe ;-)

How big are the tubes, and how many have you got?

They're about five feet in length with just about three inches diameter, and I have access to as many of them as I need

Thats a good one.. I saw giant panpipes made with cardboard tubes played by slapping the top of each pipe with the sole of a rubber flip-flop

Our church recently did a fundraising concert to raise money for Iraqi refugee relief... One of the sections was played entirely on BMG-type homemade instruments, one of which was a collection of cardboard tubes. The different-sized tubes were whacked on the musician's forehead to produce a deep, resonating tone. The wide diameter tubes (3"-4") with thin, rigid walls work best.

Cut slots in pairs half way down each side then invert every second one. They should slot in together and you can arrange them in lots of useful combinations and boy are they strong. Its hard to explain but here is a scribble