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Cardboard Answered

I have a huge box of cardboard and have no idea what to use it for. Any ideas?


Save it in a safe place and use it if you ever have to move out and live under that bridge...................just kidding. Large pieces like that can be used to line your truck, like if you need to haul some dirty firewood, coal, old car parts, or take some junk to the dump. If you are a DIYer car guy cut a piece so you can slide under your truck on it, take it with you travelling in case your muffler falls off, etc. Use another big piece as a blotter when you change oil. I presently cut a big piece and folded it over, doubling it up to fit on my workbench, I've got my transmission apart on it, in the overhaul mode, keeps things tidy. Good also for making smaller storage boxes and slip cover boxes to store back issues of magazines. Good ideas here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-Cheap-Easy-Cardboard-Small-Parts-Storage-Org/

build an arsenal of fake guns if you are into that kind of thing

make a cardboard guitar then smash it


10 years ago

Get a new TV? Refrigerator?

If you have any child relatives you could try this.

Is it a box full of carboard or a huge box made out of cardboard? 'Cause if it was a huge cardboard box i'd climb inside and have a sleep... You might come up with some ideas! LoL!

Nah it's just a box made out of cardboard. 64" from corner to corner