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Career Advice? Answered

I'm about to finish highschool, and hopefully head off to uni
However, I still am a little unsure on my career path, which I think I need to be to choose a course for uni
Originally, I wanted to become a mechatronic engineer, and I was hoping that by the time I got out, it would not be so new and unfamiliar an occupation.
However, I dunno if that is gonna happen.... So instead, now I'm thinking about whether I should try to become an electronic engineer for something like a section of the Australian Defence Force...
I'm just looking for a path that will later on help me get a stable job, with enough money to live comfortably (i.e get a house/car). I don't really want to waste my time on a degree that will not be worth the work put in, however.
What do you think?


Do something you are interested in and enjoy doing

Working just for the money isn't the way to go - unless you want to be rich AND unhappy.

If your technically minded almost any technical degree will be good to work in technical fields.

robotics and Mecatronics jobs are out there and there is a shortage of GOOD engineers almost world wide.

Personally I went down the electronics engineer route, finished up working with computers, main frame and PC's, Then went into Management and then Quality Assurance ended up as a teacher!

I guess I'm interested in anything computer/electronics related. I just don't want to end up jobless and homeless, is what I'm saying

Teacher...hm... did you ever think you'd be able to become a teacher when you first started out with electronics engineering?

Not at all. I was on a flight to somewhere to work and saw an advert in the paper asking for people with engineering backgrounds to move into teaching - Seemed like a good idea. So I did it.

All my working life I have only done what I enjoyed doing. If I stopped enjoying it - I stopped doing it.

Life is too short to be doing something you don;t like.

Well, thanks for your answer everyone
I'm afraid I can't pick more than 1 'best answer', as both Re-design and Rick Harris' advice seems equally good, but I really should so this question gets and "answered" tag

It's my opinion that almost any degree is very valuable. Few of my friends have a career that they thought they would in college. I know an MD who became and architect. An aeronautical engineer is the pres. of a building company. Another MD went back to law school and specializes in medical law, many people go for a business degree and turn that into something.

None of these people would be where they are without their degrees but they aren't really doing what they set out to do in the beginning.

If you are good in math and enjoy engineering then go for that. 

How valuable do you say they are? (in your opinion)
I'm just getting a little doubtful cos of the stuff I hear about college graduates being shocked by how little their degree meant, and ending up jobless and in debt...

I don't believe the problem is having a degree. I think the problem is there are so many people looking for a career and so few openings. I think that most of those openings will go to people with degrees. I don't believe that having a degree would hold a person back but not having a degree certainly will in most cases. I don't have a degree and it took me a long time to get where I am in life. After 15 years of trying to climb up from the bottom,I had to start my own business and basically make no profit for 3 years. A degree would have opened many doors earlier.


6 years ago

Become fluent in Chinese and study engineering and get a job translating or just writing from scratch manuals for whatever they build. Because they really need somebody to do that.

I guess that is a job role that could be filled... too bad I'm not good with linguistics...

Civil Engineering is a good option and allows you to work for military, government/city or private.

Write down your options on a paper. 1-goto college, 2-goto techschool, 3-Junior college, 4-just getajob, 5-join military, 6-start a business, 7- etc etc. Then write what it COSTS in time and money for each option. Keep in mind that a HIGH percentage of people START college and never finish! But they are still left with the loan payments. College is a lot more expensive than it used to be. Some say it is not worth the expense and YEARS of debt repayment. Youngsters are not familiar with how very difficult it is to pay back even SMALL amounts of money to the bank. A debt of 1000 dollars can hang onto your wallet for a couple years and seems to never go away. Anyway it all depends on your personal finances and your talents and stick-to-it ability. Do you have the mental persistence to finish a 4 year college course? or do you tend to never finish what you start? Personally, I would go to a less expensive school, say a junior college or a technical school that gives you a degree in 1 or 2 years. At the end of that time, you can look at your situation again and BETTER evaluate your own abilities to continue on at the 4 year degree. Some or most of your credit hours will transfer to the 4 year college if you choose that (verify that before starting) . However, you may look at your situation and say to yourself, "I've had enough school.... i will just take my 2 year degree or techschool degree and get a job." In this way, you will reduce your expenses and make provision for the possibility you may drop out of the school and you will not have MASSIVE debt on your back from the 4 year school. Everything depends on YOUR situation and YOUR abilities and finances. Put everything on a piece of paper in a grid..... then make your decision. My answer is probably somewhat aimed at the situation here in the USA .... your options in the UK may be different than i could imagine. Good Luck.