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Cassette jammed in VCR--what next? Answered




Best Answer 8 years ago

Snarky Side: DVD

Serious Side: Take it apart and surgically remove the tape. It's not easy, or even all that great for the tape, But the VCR should work again.


Most likely, the VHS is bound up because it isn't square. If you can gently get it squared up again, it will most likely drop back in again.

Then hit FF or RW to wind the tape back into the case -before- you hit EJECT.

I've gotten a lot of tapes out without crinkling them and without bending the mechanism, but it is difficult to describe how to do so.

Dont be afraid to remove the cover (with power plug removed).  There may be a thin metal cover over the TAPE AREA.. just remove the screws and remove it so you can see a little better under it.  There will be a gear that when you turn it by hand, the cassette will load or unload depending on which way you push the little wheel.  As the cassete UNLOADS slowly, you will see the VIDEOTAPE crinkle up in the mechanism.  This is probably unavoidable.  Now you will have the tape out... but that doesn't FIX it.  Now you will need to decide whether you will try to repair it, or chuck it, or just keep putting tapes into the new cassette eating monster.  Probably not worth fixing.  The tape you ejected may cause damage to other machines VIDEO HEADS if the tape is crinkled.   If the tape is something of a treasure like family movies,... you could record the tape to DVD but fast forward away from the crinkled spot so it doesnt go through your machine.

usually there is a cover on the top and you should be able to take off and then pry the cassette out

My first thought is surgery.
Are there any visible screws that would easily take off the bottom portion of the machine?
If there are, just be careful not to move or hurt any of the guts while you're in there.  With quite a few models, it could be pretty simple to do.