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"Castle Cannons" forge world map Machinima Answered

What I've been up to in Halo Reach recently.  Hopefully my machinma skills don't suck even though it's my first time making a video in this format.



7 years ago

Hey man, I will be on Halo all week this week, seeing as its unofficial 'Halo Week' so to speak with the jackpots and all, so I might be able to help again. I could get my friend Tony and his sister to help seeing he now has his Xbox back. Its looking real good, that door thing is sweet. My only gripe is the cannons could shoot further, I'll have to ask Tony how he made his. His shoots halfway across forge world!

DJ RadioTheFoofinator

Reply 7 years ago

Great! The red base cannon has been able to shoot in the ocean, but that's rather inconsistent. Blue base cannon is fine as is though.