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Cat Camera Answered

Hello geniuses!
I found this post a while back over on boingboing about this guy who hooked up a very small digital camera to his cat's collar. The link is here: cat camera
I thought this was a cool idea and immediately headed over to amazon to buy the camera that this guy recommended and is shown in the tutorial. BUT now that I'm looking at the tutorial again, I realize it's way over my head as far as the electronics. So I'm putting this request out there for some electronics genius to make an instructable geared towards beginners. Parts list, etc...

edit: In no way am I trying to take away from J. Perthold's original idea and design here. I just don't understand his directions, and thought an instructable based around this project would be a good idea and possibly be an improvement.
Thanks to anyone who takes up this challenge.



10 years ago


Actually an Instructable for this would be awesome, I'm thinking of making one, but just wondering if it can be done without ordering a *kit*. :-/

-first I need to train the cat to wear a collar. xD

I am not really interested in the technical aspects... but I have never seen that before. That's really amazing, not to mention very cute. I wonder what my cats do when I'm not at home. I just have a feeling that most of it would involve sleeping or destroying my plants. :P

Hey Cheese, Nope, I found it on BoingBoing here:

I thank you for the vote of confidence, but I'm afraid my questions would be too many to list :) I mean, I took a look at the original creator's instructions and am totally lost.

I will post a couple though and see where that leads...
What is a microcontroller?
Do I need to know what a uC port is?
Quote: Atmel AVR uC in-circuit programming interface - huh? :) Might as well be saying "the transmogrification bi-lateral hosinfopher X-R interface"

I guess even more specifically... I bought the camera... what's the next item/part that I need to buy?

There are a few great instructables on how to choose a microcontroller, how to program a microcontroller, etc. I wouldn't try this as a first project - there is too much. I f you think you will be still interested in doing it in the future, start off by learning about microcontrollers, then buy a cheap one, learn how to program it etc, then by that stage you'll understand the terminology and be ready to take on this sort of project.

Yeah, this would not be a good project to jump in on. XD If it makes you feel better, I'm completely clueless about 60% of his instructions. :P

Did you find this out from this site?, just wondering cause this is one of my favorites

I found this post a while back over on boingboing

I find that listening to what people say helps a bit. >>

sorry just checked the link I thought it was to boing boing, now I feel like an idiot


11 years ago

Totally, it needs to be done. But what's wrong with learning how to do it yourself? I'm sure people would be more inclined to respond if you were asking specific questions about the project...