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Cat Playing Theremin Answered

Wow. It's a cat playing a theremin!
I have nothing more to add.


Hahaha, this can is Jimmy Hendrix.

i wish i had a cat that plays the theremin


9 years ago

Very nice cat... That theremin doesn't sound too nice, but that's the problem with those things... The principle is simple enough, but try to make one that plays smoothly and sounds good. For those who are handy with a soldering iron it isn't too complicated to try build one. The original used vacuum tubes, because the transistor wasn't invented yet... Make 2 RF oscillators, one very stable and the other slightly tunable by a rod that protrudes from the cabinet. Moving a hand along and closer and farther from the rod should vary the frequency of one oscillator, the signals of the two oscillators are mixed and the frequency difference is your audio signal... Like with all musical instruments, it takes some time to get the sound right. I'm sorry, but the description and circuit diagram I once had, has gone lost.

Ive never heard of a theramin. o.0

What? Never heard of a Theramin? Ever heard of the Beach Boys, "Good Vibrations"?

No, I seroiusly have never heard of a theramin. And Ive heard of the Beach Boys, but not that song.

Ever here of the Cult classic B movie: The Day the Earth Stood Still Lots of optical theramin use in that movie.

By "optical" theramin, I mean one that responds to light to create the sounds.

Well, actually, that was an electro-theremin (sort of a simulated theremin) on the Beach Boys album. But, it was the first introduction to this instrument for most people.

That cat at the end is just begging for one of those silly captions ...

Cookie scare me or similar.

those are fake. They are sold in japan. search it.

...because everything sold in Japan is fake?
They work by sensing electrostatic fields from your hands or something -- similar to the way the click wheel on an iPod works... sort of...

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theramin has a nice history.

That's odd, the URL is spelt differently to the title.

are you talking about the cat or the theremin?

The cat. You see them all the time in Japanese restaurants. They stand there with their little paws up in the air like they are waving at you.

Are you referring to the one at the very end? The main cat seems a bit realistic to be seen "everywhere," unless "everywhere" means "Disney animatronics laboratories."


10 years ago

I really want a thermin now just so I can get my cat to play with it. I got to play with one at a museum once and I think my reaction was probably pretty similar.


I build an optical theramin way back when....I wonder if I can get my Cavies to play it (if I can find it)

The second cat just about made me fall out of my chair laughing. Hilarious!


10 years ago

I love the look on the second cat's face!


10 years ago

I love theramins. Awesome!

I just watched that on make and it was hilarious loved the other cat at the end and how big it's eyes were. It looks like a really sweet cat.