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Cat acts like he is drugged up with morphine, not himself. Rat poison is mysteriously missing. Could it be? Answered

What symptoms of the standard green rat poison will be present in cats? For mild symptoms. (does anyone have experiance with this?) I have found that vitamin K is almost an antidote, although not sure.

The symptoms listed here are not present, or we cannot tell for sure. No litter in the box, no noticeable bleeding yet, he has been acting funny like that all day yesterday too. I suspect it may be a very mild poisoning, but do not know what symptoms may exist for such. Thank you.



Best Answer 3 years ago

I have a male (or I should say, a stray male claimed me) who presented a similar condition (as if drugged). When I asked the vet, she said that one symptom of poisoning is a depressed temperature (rather than a fever).

In his case, it's the careless abuse of a former owner that caused his problems. He first adopted me after spending weeks coming and sitting on my doorstoop all night (during the coldest February in decades). He ate nothing but dry food at first (terrible for male cats as it leads to urinary problems and consitpation due to male's particular "gear"), had worms, was frostbitten, and had several infections from fights during his time in the wild. (yet he was completely housebroken, which is why I know he wasn't ferral.)

Since yours is indoor only, the fights and frostbite are likely out as sources...However, if there have been ANY signs of fleas, have him checked for worms. In fact, have him checked anyway.

For a rough test of his temperature, you can feel his nose. If it's dry, his temp is likely elevated.

Not to sound too judgmental but you really should not be tossing a kitten around and can do permanent damage to him by doing so, just as for a human child.

As far as feeding, I try to give him about half and half wet and dry (full grown gets about a 1/4 can of wet per meal twice a day, along with a bowl of dry that stays out except when I feed breakfast/dinner). The vets say all wet, but like most folks, I simply can't afford that course, and the cats do like their cookies...

Make sure to give him a fresh bowl of water (wash the bowl) at least daily

Well we took him to the vet and the guy said he was running a fever and probably was a tad bit sick from something, and the guy gave us some antibiotics.

No worries about tossing him around, I only gently toss him onto soft things like a bed with a sleeping bag on it, no harm there I don't think. He should have about 4 lives left after falling from the really high beams in our house onto hardwood flooring and the sink 5 times at least. :) (I think he finally learned his lesson not to go climbing onto the beams.)

We feed him mostly dry food, with leftovers none else wants and surplus kefir grains in the morning. (kefir grains is a culture to convert milk into sort of a sour runny yougurt type thing.)

And as Steve said. Get him to the vet. Especially if the rat posion is missing


We had dog eat a box of green DECON not the nerve stuff. Our vet said the it is a blood thinner and wont kill in one eating but keep the animal calm to avoid internal bleeding.

Is the cat still drinking and eating normal?
Is it possible the cat was in a fight?
Mine sometimes comes back and and has obvious signs of pain but no blood in the fur.
Now I know he actually cleans himself up before coming home making it hard to find bite marks.
Usually when there is an infection involved after the bite he has a temperature, does not like to eat ad only drinks very little.
A litlle dose of amoxycillin fixes that.

If you suspect rat poison is possible you should have the cat checked by a vet, and yes, vitamin k is use for treatment but the doc should calculate the right dosage.

No, it is just an inside kitten. Very gentle and meek, you can throw him around, hold him upside down and cradle him in your arms and he never resists!!! That is normal. he is a morning cat, and will jump out and gnaw on your legs in the morning, and runs loops around everything normally. He is still eating and drinking.