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Cat-cam revisited Answered

Well when I was scrolling through the forums I saw the thread "cat cam" i remembering seeing it once but i didn't comment on it. But anyways that would be awesome. But would there be any way to put it on the cat without it weighing them down? W-burg (I called you that because i don't know how to spell your name) I will remove this if you want me to. Also would this be possible?



Haha...why would I want you to take this down? It has to do with instructable =]

Anyways, could you link us to it? I did a search and didn't see anything.

Hmm, cameras come small enough to put inside of 3x4 inch boxes or smaller, I suppose you could get a small enough one, if you aren't afraid of the prices :-) It would have to transmit wirelessly to in order to be truly portable.

I have a tiny one. It stinks. You have to hold the button down to take a movie anyways and you can only take a video for like 30 seconds.

Ok, you are speaking of "camera"and I was thinking "CCTV" Style camera. Sorry, definitely different price ranges.