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Cat5e ethernet and phone over network wiring Answered

My house is wired with cat5e.  I am trying to run phone and ethernet over the existing wiring.  I have a Time Warner cable/modem/router.  I've successfully wired all of the cable into a 10-switch router.  The ethernet is working, but not the phone signal.  Do I need to connect the phone wiring together separately from the 10-switch router I installed?


The phone and the network cannot share the same wire. If the wire you have the phone wired to is connected to the router or any other system other then the main phone line coming into your house the phone won't work. While you can use a cat5 cable to connect your phone to the main phone jack in the house. The phone can't use the router and the router can't redirect the phone signal. A PC network and the phone network talk totally different languages. It's like trying to get a rock to have a conversation with a bird. It just doesn't work.

true, but your router doesn't need all the wires for ethernet -- so the spares can be used. Just make sure the router/phone never see each others signals, or there may be hell to pay.

Like i said you can use a cat5 cable to wire your phone up to the main line coming into the house but the phone can't use the router.

they can share the cable run though -- just the wires have to be split off and not go into the rj45 connector

ethernet 100mbit over cat-5(e) uses only 2 twisted pairs of the 4 twisted pairs available.

It can be done, I know, because I did it in my condo. I asked the electrician to run cat-5 to all the phone jacks. They took it to mean 'ONLY' cat-5...

Some creative splicing later and I had 100mbit and 1-line POTS telephone on the same cable. Did it work? yes. Was it reliable? no. Whenever the phone rang, the 70VAC crosstalk from the POTS phone going onto the data lines crashed my router. No damage, but I had to reboot if someone phoned me. Not handy.

Long story short, it'll work, but its better to run more cable. If you ever plan to use gigabit (a good idea) then you need all 4 pairs of wires for the ethernet alone.