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Cats meowing all night, please help!? Answered

I am having issues with my cats meowing all night.  They are definitely indoor cats, and won't even go out a wide open door.  I have made them a spare bedroom up with all their needs and toys.  When I used to let them run the house at night, my female would keep me up all night jumping on the bed and me.  I tried closing the door to keep her out, and she just cried all night and clawed at the bottom of the door.  I made up the room and put them to bed at night, and she screams and keeps the neighbors and me up.  I have not had a decent sleep in too long!  Worse, she has taught the other cat to scream all night, and the neighbors are complaining.  I have tried to stop spoiling her so much, and I think she has separation anxiety.  I am gone at work all day, and my husband even longer.  I do play with her in the evenings, but it never seems to be enough.  If I have to get rid of them both, it's unfair to the calmer cat, and then most shelters will put them to sleep, besides the stress they will go through first!  I am out of options and nearly out of time... Please advise!



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First of all, congratulations for not allowing your cats to free roam.

If your cats are left alone all day, and are then greeted with enthusiasm when you arrive home, you are increasing their dependency and need for attention-because they've been without you all day.

Give them company: put the radio on low while you are out; record your voice talking to them, to play periodically throughout the day (the way to do that-I'm not sure!!).

When you get in......ignore them. Go about your business, and set aside a period when they are cuddled and played with,-then define when it stops.

Freeze some of their treats, and leave them for them overnight, so they spend time licking to get to the goodies! If you want, leave the radio on low overnight.

The dominant cat is vying for control. You see its method!! You have to show it that you are alpha, it will influence the behaviour of the other cat;-good OR bad, so if you can train it; the other will follow.

I saw this on a pet show, so these are not my ideas. I did watch them work though,-but it took time and patience.

I have like 5 cats that roam the street outside my house at night. My brother used to shoot marbles at them with a sling shot out the window. they usually shut up for a while after that :)

Update:  The female cat got fed up with being told no and ran away about 2 weeks ago.  The male cat started trying to yell and demand like she used too, but I kept up the treatments, and he is becoming more behaved all the time.  I miss the little black cat, but I'm very blessed that the big orange one likes to sleep.  His favorite thing is curling up close to the bed and sleeping near us.  Now if I can convince the neighbors that we like to sleep at night...

Thanks Z, I have started controlling how much attention the female gets, especially when I/we first get home.  (I have also tried keeping them up all day, which was so much fun to get that revenge!  And it only works for a short while.)  I have started controlling how much cuddle/play time she gets and never letting her initiate that, both for about 3 weeks now.  I try to reward her for finding other interests with treats.  The new idea is keeping control over the submissive cat!  I bet she will love the iced treats too!  I'm looking for a radio I wouldn't mind them trashing, worst case.  

Thanks for that!!

And all good luck, they are smart little fellas!

One sign of trouble with a cat is constant crying. It often means that they are in pain. Has she been to the vet lately? If she's older, it might be time to see if she's suffering from arthritis or something similar. The vet might suggest a course of action that will help to alleviate the underlying issue.

One of ours used to do that and the solution was to keep her up all day and then after a couple of days she slept all night.

I know you work but take off a friday and keep her up all day for the long weekend and see if you might change some of her habits.

Good luck.

get some jackhammer headphones..............

shoot it JK sorry I hate cats ummmmmm my dads cat usually stays quiet if we just leave him alone

Depending on what your cat actually wants, she will meow until she gets it. My cat would meow all night like yours, and we flattered ourselves by thinking it was because she missed us and loved us, but really the whole time she was asking for extra food. Now we set out an extra thing of cat food when we go to bed and she picks at it all night instead of bugging us.
If your cat really does miss you and want to play with you, you'll have to find a way to get her to stop wanting that (distraction, switcheroo, etc.) or give in and let her boss you around by playing in the middle of the night.