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Cautionary Tales - How not to do it! Answered

We were discussing electric shocks in one of the threads and I thought it might be interesting to share some cautionary tales. I have had quite a few accidents, made (to many) stupid mistakes, and had some pretty near-misses in my life. I have also heard about and witnessed many happening to other people. Have you experienced any near-misses (or hits for that matter)? How about sharing your cautionary tale with the rest of us - it might just save someone from making the same mistake.



7 years ago

hi i dont have a dont do story but a good one, wile at my great grandparents me and my cousin painted there fence untill we saw the ELECTRIC FENCE ya any ways we did the hole u touch it thing and finaly i grabed it and to my surprise nothing happend! as i stood there holding it they went to see if it was on and it was wich it was. soon after i realised i cant be hurt by electricy so i began to shock people as they came by [best part] oh and wile i hold on to it i can light up neon lights and floresint lights. ps dont put the metal pice on the floecent tubes in wet dirt burns hand but the feel of electricity was great.


10 years ago

Never light explosives/"rockets" fire directly to fuel.

CO2 canisters + gunpowder = fun rockets till your friend convinces you to fill it all the way up with gunpwder and shove a piece of paper ("fuse") into the end my best theory is as I stood mere inches away from the "rocket" with lighter to paper the flame hit a bit of powder and the huge amount of paper he shoved became lodged forming effectivley the first "grenade" I ever made. I could not hear for 10 minutes but the two inch deep gash took way longer to go away. Coclusion hearing loss, huge scar that I am still digging shrapnel out and another experiece learned from.

Has anyone else noticed that you only get hurt with explosives when your with another human?

Oh dont let your dad convince you to touch the electric wire and the metal fence at the same time even if he says its "off".

never jump off a skateboard when going down a hill because you are going too fast...
i had to use a toothbrush to get the cotton and asphalt out of the scrape.

NEVER ride a 3wheeler down a hill. especially one with no back brakes but brand new front brakes(we could only afford the front)

never try to ride something fast before mastering braking techniques(i have a section of dead skin about the size of a nickel from when i first learnt how to ride a bike and went fats but didnt know how to stop and connected with a cement platform. right at knee level.

never say to your self "oh, i can fit between those 2 trees going at fast as i can" especially not on a 3-wheeler(you can see the back which is the widest point) needless to say i was throw from the 3-wheeler.

never try to throw a small, round ball of lead the size of a baseball like a baseball. you pull a lot of muscles really quick. with just one throw.(i was in 5th grade and we were at the highschool across from the elementary and these highschoolers said they would give us 50 dollars of they could throw the shot-put farther then them. so i figured if i could throw a baseball really far then i could throw something same size but heavier only a little less further... we lost that bet)

dont turn sharply while riding a 3wheeler or 4 wheeler and accidently mash the front brakes thinking they were the back with intentions of slinging the vehicle(you sling it, just not the way you intended) that resulted in a flap of skin about the size of two coin cells on my palm.

dont try to tie a knot connecting a fishing hook to a line while the rod is bent over with tension, or in a position where it could fall.

dont immediately pick up/touch metal that has just been hammered( hammered as in having it in a vice and bending it then hammering it into a right angle) its really hot

dont touch a stove coil even if it isnt orange. its still hot

dont get your fingers between two high gauge wires while using twisting pliers.(a pair of pliers used in automatically twisting wire by locked the pliers on the wire and pulling a spiraled rod, therefor spinning the pliers)

i hope i have further educated you in means of what not to do...

I once tried to cut an extension cord in half while it was still plugged in, all the while joking about how funny it would be if I had left it plugged in. The joking reminded me to double check, and I unplugged it before cutting through.

I had a similar experience in school. I was soldering, taking all appropriate safety measures, when suddenly i heard an almighty bang. I looked up to find a 3 inch circular burn on the table, under the cord leading to the soldering iron. It transpired that someone had taken wire cutters to it, and as soon as it was turned on and was moved right "BOOM", instant short. I couldn't stop shaking for ~1hr and had to be sent home. They never caught the guy who did it.

OH and never go down a hill on a skateboard, laying on your stomach. I took half the skin on my face off doing that.

and dont run down a creek bank and trip on a loose rock... took off 1/4 of the skin on my side like that. dont jump off a scooter while its moving... didnt lose any skin over it, but the way i landed hurt. now because im lazy im posting some more here: dont kick a box of legos... i broke my little toe sunday doing that. dont grab bare wires that are plugged in... thought the switch had a back on it. dont touch a hot pan. did that saturday and have a nice blister on my finger. dont get mad and punch the wall... if you do, make sure your not punching a stud. trust me... dont slide down the stairs... if you do, make sure there isnt a wall in the way. dont try to jump over the kitchen island. the railroad crossing arm thingys (i dont know what they are called) will not go down if your car is under them. trust me. teachers dont like smart asses. they give out your grades. 0s hurt your grade. thats all i can think of right now... oh, never jokingly throw a rock at your friend with intent to miss... he will not like it when it hits him.

make sure there isnt a wall in the way.

Or a banister knob...

oh, never jokingly throw a rock at your friend with intent to miss... he will not like it when it hits him.

I have been on the receiving end of one of those rocks, and you are right, I didn't like it :-)

dont try to jump over the kitchen island.

don't try to jump over anything if you are out of shap (like me) and 50 LOL

dont get mad and punch the wall... if you do, make sure your not punching a stud. trust me...

I missed the stud, but (and this was over 35 years ago) my hand passed through the plaster, and my Dad's foot hurt worse then punching a stud...for sure.

dont slide down the stairs... if you do, make sure there isnt a wall in the way.

Nor any big long splinters in the banister....

Don't jump from the top of a 4 foot tall pole to the top of another 4 foot tall pole, even if it's only 3 feet away. You will miss...

Also don't take the wheels off a skateboard and use the deck as a snowboard on an icy hill. I took half the skin off my lower back doing that. :P

Yeah, skin hurts when it comes off. It's not designed that to do that for some reason...

I have seen my landlord do this (cut through a live cord) on at least 3 occasions accidentally (hedge trimmer) He is not very careful for an older fellow LOL

I saw an electrician actually do the same thing in an office once. BIG loud spark and BIG eyes.

. Gee! It's no fun, if you don't get a good buzz. :)

NEVER, EVER TOUCH AN ELECTRIC FENCE. I don't care if your friends dare you to, or if you think the old farmer that owns the cows just has the fence for show... JUST DON'T. I think that was one of the scariest experiences of my life. I think I was only stuck to the fence for a few seconds but it felt like minutes. I was shaking for an hour afterwards and my hands hurt like hell. Also, don't drive (or let your friends drive, in my case) a four wheeler into a barbed wire fence. That hurts too, but not as much as being shocked.

And for the guys out there - do NOT, EVER, pee on the post of an electrical fence. duh... Luckily this one didn't happen to me personally.

I've flipped an ATV into a large body of water. I got wet and killed my phone and almost broke my femur on a rock. Loads of fun. My friends an I make a sport of seeing who can hold on to a electric fence the longest. My record is 2:32

LOL electric fences don't hurt that much Unless you fall full body onto it Otherwise the unusal tingling is rather pleasent.

Depends on the power. An electric fence in the zoo used to keep stampeding elephants at bay (or on Jurassic Park to hold back an enraged tyrannosaur) is a lot more powerful (and potentially even lethal) than one used to keep a dog from jumping a fence. Cow fences are pretty darned powerful--they have to penetrate leather. (yes, I know it's not leather when it's still on the cow, it's called a hyperbole)

I thought hyperbole was a type of writing....figurative speech, maybe?

It means extreme exaggeration... (e.g., "yo momma's so big she has her own zip code")

try it in your bare feet sometime *lol* On second thought, no, don't do that.

Yes it does. It does. :( At least it hurt me. Maybe I'm just a wuss, but dammit, it hurt!

well, the other ways to test a fence is to get a blade of grass, then touch the fence with the grass. it acts like a resistor, only giving a very slight tingle. ;)

If you wear working gloves it just vibrates. It's funny. You can grab right onto it.

the electric fence... im sure that hurt. electricity has a tendency to do that. the barbed wire... wow... umm... what exactly led up to that? did you not know it was there? i have never actually gotten caught by barbed wire, so i guess im lucky in that regard. oh, another one for my list wherever it is... like i said, im lazy. never have sex in a cactus patch. i cant account for that, but my cousin warned me against it. apparently out of all the fields to pick, he picked a cactus patch...

Stay away from strawberry patches too then. Not that strawberries are bad, but thistles tend to grow there (I picked strawberries in my bare feet once....so dont get any ideas).

im sure pumpkins could be uncomfortable. not thorny, but they do have pokey bristles. haha im not the one getting the ideas. i learned from his mistake. he went to bed afterwards with his clothes on, without picking out all the thorns. and he said for a week or so, he was getting thorns in him when he went to sleep.

I imagine even straw could be that way too (I live with 6 cavies, so I am well aware of what "hay' is like) ;-)

:-) A young friend of mine and I were playing in a farmer's stream once and so we were all wet. When we left, my friend, whose bike was a bit big for him, accidentally rammed the electric fence and wedged his front wheel in it. Being that the bike was all wet now too, he began to dance about on the seat. He finally got off it, and I thinking the plastic seat would protect me (it too was soaked), grabbed the seat to remove the bike. When one is wet, one makes an excellent ground, and so I once again felt the Hammer of Thor (and was unable to free the bike). We had to ask the farmer to turn the fence off while we extracted the bike. So, I know how (and what) you felt with your experience. I have only this to add....if you are soaking wet, stay away from ANYTHING with any electrical current in it. To this day, even though I love to fool around with electronics, I jump and squeal a little when I receive a static jolt....

I guess I left out that this occurred while I was quite young myself, um, midteens maybe, like 30+ years ago

Sugar Explosive:

1987 I believe...I was having "fun" with my can of sugar explosive. I had my can of it to one side of me. I was testing different things to put it in.

While not contained, it burns slowly but a brilliant white. So I wasn't TOO concerned about having the open container about 3 ft away. So I started feeding the already burning pile that was in an aluminum can by way of taking a pinch and throwing it in. In an instant, an arc of light traveled before my eyes to the open coffee can of it. I'm talking about 2.5 lbs or so and it starts flaming up big.

Obviously freaked out of my mind that it was going to erupt into a massive fireball explosion of some sort, I kicked it away at the same time as leaping to the side. This was mistake number two of course.

As soon as the contents went airborne, it allowed every little piece to oxidize and I saw nothing but white light around me. After I hit the ground, I realized I was still alive, but my shoes were on fire and the ground all around me was charred black. I was smoldering as well.

Luckily, I lived and learned from my mistake.

I used to be able to buy Oxygen pellets in a can that were for welding purposes. It's KClO4. Mixed with the correct ratio of sugar, it becomes a volatile incendiary/ explosive.

Wait...KCIO4 is potassium perchlorate....so you made a type of flash powder?

We used to buy bags of herbicide which were almost pure sodium chlorate.

One bag of herbicide + one bag of sugar = cheap thrills!

Oh, and when you and your brother are trying our various methods for extinguishing small piles of said "cheap thrills" (water, sand, salt, you name it...), make sure the coffe can full of the stuff is not just underneath your right arm, barely a foot or two away from the small piles you're experimenting on. I managed to get 2nd degree burns on more than half my forearm that way. Very similar to dentsinger's experience. Luckily, young skin has amazing healing properties. (My brother burned his eyebrows off with the same stuff on more than one occasion.) Pyromania must run in the family - my father once told us he managed to blow up a garden shack when he was a kid, by collecting hydrogen and chlorine gas in a big glass jar, then shining sunlight on it with a piece of mirror from a safe distance...

My fav for cheap thrills was calcium carbide. Used for old miners lamps, it looks like a can of small limestone rocks. When doused with a little water, it gives off acetylene gas. Typically, you put a light handfull in a plastic milk jug. Use canon fuse through a small hole in the cap and make sure it goes several inches down . The gas will flame up, but the fuse will carry the spark down and ignite the whole lot sounding like a stick of dynamite.

You've had a lot of fun..... Somewhere I read about putting calcium carbide in a pool, with the acetylene reacting w/ the chlorine, making little underwater exploding bubbles.

Opposite of cautionary: if you have dial up (like I did until yesterday) Get DSL (at bare minimum). I just can't imagine the difference (I was afraid it wouldn't be much as the computer I work on at work, is attached to an optical T1 line and it was just barely faster then my dialup at home. It was the computer.....bare minimum memory, while mine here has 5 times more. Sorry, I just feel like celebrating LOL

Contrary to the belief of some, a sharp knife used properly is safer then a dull one used in any fashion. I cut myself down to the bone once with a dull knife...it is too easy to stain and then, when it cuts loose, whack, then you have to pick up your finger and somehow get to the hospital too (I personally didn't cut "off: my finger, but did slice to the bone once on my little finger).

Contrary to the belief of some, a sharp knife used properly is safer then a dull one used in any fashion.

That statement may be true, but it doesn't translate into real life. If I am the sort of person that doesn't use a knife properly, I will be cut deeper by a sharp knife rather than a blunt one.

Pat. Pending.

Um, you said you don't use a sharp knife properly? But my statement refers to someone using one properly, so I am confused as to what you mean by it not translating into real life. You see, if you are using a sharp knife, and it cuts fairly well, you are less likely to slip, even if cutting towards one's self, etc. With a dull knife, you have a horrible potential toward plunging the entire knife, and hilt if it has one, into one's self.

You would be making yourself an example, then of part of my statement.

My wife is another, she cuts herself often with sharp knives. But she refuses to learn how to use a knife.

But, in order to keep order (and understanding what you mean, that nothing is always one way or another), let me revise and say that, "if cut by a knife, the potential to cut "really deep" can exist in a dull knife, contrary to popular belief. For the reasons explained earlier.