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Cavity mold for aircraft wing Answered

I am using Alibre Pro. I want to make a cavity mold for a airplane wing. The leading edge is straight to a point then curves to the tip. The trailing edge is curved but is not the same as the leading edge. Does anyone have an idea how to do this.


Firstly, the plan view of a typical wing as you describe is really controlled by the airfoil you wish to use and where the main spar is located. Both the leading and trailing edges. As the platform shape changes, the distance from the high point of the airfoil (normally at the main spar centerline), will didcate the l.e. & the t.e. I have years of experience in this diciplne should you wish to contact me....

No experience with Alibre Pro but in Solidworks and Pro/E the basic process is create a solid body (usually just a box) large enough to encompass the object to be moulded and subtract the intersection of the parts.