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Ceiling Mounted Projector, How do I keep the HDMI lead and power cable tidy? Answered

I Have an Optoma projector and the cables are connected on the right hand side of the projector so naturally the wires protrude quite obviously from that direction. What is the best solution for keeping the cabling tidy? I anticipate adding a mains socket onto the plasterboard ceiling and a HDMI faceplate to connect a short HDMI lead to the projector and behind the scenes I will add a 25 foot long HDMI cable that I have to connect to my amplifier. What have people in these situations done in terms of coming up with a solution?


You can get right angle plugs which might reduce the profile on the projector.

1+ !
Right angle connectors are the best for you.
To keep them tidy you can get plastic coils that wrap around all wires, sorry no idea what they are called by every electrical joint and most home depot shops have them.
There is also a very flexible silicone tube available for this, but I can not recommend them as these things tend to collect moisture on the inside.

I believe that you are talking about split loom tubing?

A 90 Degree connector for the hdmi and power then short cables to the wall plate are the best option. then just group them into the split loom tubing,

+1 Unless you want to build and paint a shroud to hide the wires, Right angle is the way to go !