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Ceiling-hung, Retractible Clothes line or rack for use with clothes hanges Answered

I think this would be very popular in smaller rooms (or one in which you don't want a sagging clothesline running through your field of vision). I would like to hang a sturdy, pipe-like structure (so no sagging under light to medium weight) that I could pull down on a retractible cord/pipe/other to hang coat hangers of washed tee shirts to dry and then retract back up out of the way while drying or not in use.

When I was a kid in the 60s we had a ceiling lamp above a table that worked like this; when you were working on something you could just pull it down (click click click) to however close to the table you wanted, then back up out of the way when you were done.

This idea would be hung from 2 spots on the ceiling with some kind of mechanism that would allow for pull-down access and then push up storage; some type of pipe suitable for holding clothes hangers would be strung up at both ends and mounted to the ceiling. The "pipe" would then hang level when use at an accessible height, and the "push up" to hang level, closer to the ceiling.

Ideally this would be not too heavy as I have smashed my dominant-hand wrist and have limited strength as a result.

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2 years ago

Here is a different idea that I do. My laundry room is very small. I have mounted a decorative curtain rod onto the door frame. Decorative because it has a fat pole. I think it may be more like a valance pole because the bracket sticks out so far. It can hold a lot of clothes. I hang stuff there to dry sometimes or hang things up as I take them out of the dryer. I hope this helps!


2 years ago

how far do you need the hanger to descend/retract?