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Cell Phone Clone? Answered

I've always thought that it would be cool to have more than one cell device on my specific account.   (no, not like a family sharing plan).   Let's say, I want to keep a spare phone in my glove box, on a trickle charger, so that I always have a working phone in an emergency.   

Let's say you use your cell phone a lot..  Instead of swapping out exhausted batteries, what if you had a second phone on the charger that you can switch to whenever needed.

Is it possible to clone your telephone, so that you can have a spare device.     

If you are paying for the service, and you can only use one of the phones at a specific time, why would the phone company care?   I have 6 old phones from which I upgraded.  They all work fine, and could make great spares if there was a way of programming them to work on my account.   Can the MAC address / serial number be cloned to an old phone?



Companies have gown to a lot of trouble to prevent people from cloning phones. Criminals would do it a lot back in the 90's before the phones went digital.

no phones use imei number instead of a mac address, and its tied to the phone itself not like a SIM. If your phone doesnt have a sim card then the carrier has to add the imei number to their network.