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Cell phone signaler for the deaf community ? Answered

My younger brother always having problems with incoming SMS, door bells.

Saw some signaler sold online but it is indeed will cost a Benjamin.

Anyone could have a DIY signaler to  lit series of colorful LEDs when there is an incoming SMS, or incoming cell phone if the phone is rest onto the signaler ?

I remembered last time during the 2G phone era, it used to have these tiny gadget attached at the antenna and will emits light when there is an incoming message or incoming call.

Unfortunately it is no longer available these days.


Your brother should get one of these. Its a Bluetooth vibrating wrist band. It even displays caller ID info on it. At less then $30 its a pretty good deal and is perfect for the hearing impaired.


2 years ago

Led Strip Lights
- led light strip is a generic term used to describe the many different types
of led lights that come in strips. depending on how you plan on using the leds,
you may actually need one type of led light strip. Then water proof self
adhesive led light in blue color with output driver.


I found a fairly simple solution. It's an LED stick on puck light that can be set to light up based on sound like music, or in this case a cell phone or telephone.

They cost less than $10, but I didn't check on shipping (which I can't imagine is that much).

Check it out and let me know if you think this will work or not, as I might be able to find you something else.

Good to know that product.

Preferred to be something that will lit specifically for incoming SMS or cell phone call.

Punk light responded to any sound. Could be quite confusing.


I did think of that, and although I can't see all the details of the puck light, I suspect that it must only have a minimal sized microphone area; in which case if the cell phone was set on top, there should be very minimal interference. Also, most cell phones come with headphones, and if your brother has them, they could be literally plugged into the phone, and the receiver taped to the microphone of the puck light (pretty much eliminating any other external noise). ~ Just some thoughts

The only other product that I'm aware of that is specifically designed for use with a cell phone (geared toward the deaf), is available online for $69.95. I'm not sure what kind of budget you have, but it's another option.

Here's the link.

Tapping into the microphone sounds great.

Maybe will give it a try before others attempts.

Good luck with it. I hope you find something that works for your brother.

Let us know if you need any further help. ;-)