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Censorship going too far!? Answered

Is there a reason Instructables is deleting comments and replies without a note or considering to grow a backbon so we get answers?
You recent site upgrade has offended and disappointed long standing users, now you add insult to it by deleting their comments.
I call this censorship and it should not happen.
In the deleted posting was nothing offensive, nothing wrong - the only thing in there highlighted the utter disappointment of the user.
What comes next next? Deleting accounts of users who prefer to have an opinion that differs from the official Instructables.com viewpoint?

What are you so scared of?
If you do major changes you have to consider that not everyone likes them.
As it looks now you have a hand full of users liking the kids look and features while the rest of the community is disappointed to say it nice.
Deleting their comments in this regard won't fix the problem, it only adds to it.


I can understand your frustration as well as the frustration of most of the people that dislike the new format, but I have to side with Instructables on this one (please hear me out though, I promise I have a reason). First, I think Instructables has the right to manage comments. On YouTube, each content creator has the right to delete comments and send comments to the top of the list on their videos as much as they want because it's their content. The same sort of thing applies to Instructables. It may be a massive community, but their's still someone in charge. Second, it's possible that the disappearance of some features could just be a small step in a process of removing features to replace them with better ones. Yes, I miss the site's old appearance, but it's still Instructables and it's still an amazing place to learn, share, and compete and that hasn't changed. So, while the disappearance of your comments may be frustrating, it may be necessary to reassess and look at them very critically. Sure, maybe it's no big deal and they're just overreacting, but what's to say that's not what you're doing? That's just my three cents. I hope this comment is interpreted as being kind, I don't mean to offend anyone, but seriously. Can we please cut Instructables some slack?

"On YouTube, each content creator has the right to delete comments and send comments to the top of the list on their videos as much as they want because it's their content. The same sort of thing applies to Instructables."

Actually, authors here have no such controls. That is another issue of its own though...

For reals? The peeps running this place are deleting comments now?

Well, I think whoever does that is the unwanted offspring of pigs and monkeys.

Please, please, please, delete my comments, you pig-monkey bastards! I triple-dog dare you!

Good grief you people are dim.

It's a moderated site, and always has been. There's a general expectation that people be nice, so I assume incessant whining and repetitive complaints would be hidden or removed. It's obnoxious to other users, and there are a few names on this specific post that tend to think they own this place . . but c'mon. It's not a free speech zone; get over yourselves.


5 months ago


That did not work :(

Can you see this comment in your private comments window ?
I think that may be broken too.

No longer embeds the YOUtube video you link to, i liked that feature.


5 months ago

My comment has been restored.
I am pleased about your honor in that !

However still sad and sorry about the desecration of a historically wonderful site..


5 months ago

At least they arn't sending out warnings and notices of violating policy. Or are they?

I'm sorry you're so upset, but this seems like the type of comment that should be sent to support, instead of posting in the forum. I'm sure they can give you an explanation. The only reason to post it here is to let the community weigh in, but you've provided no specifics and are clearly directing your comment to Instructables' staff. You've made your opinion very clear in multiple other threads. Perhaps it's best to let the staff consider all our suggestions for a while before jumping down their throats. The home page was changed drastically a year or so ago, and they decided to change it back after the community expressed they didn't like it. Give them time and remember to be nice.

We are all sorry..
Could be the prize donation companies are being alerted ..
Oops I cannot revise this..
1) Give Best Answer
2) Delete your own words
3) Time to assemble before wiped off
4) Awards

5) text abilities
6) special characters
7) still no searches
After being nice for years and being promised for years.
Well lies do jump back down the originating throats don't they...

Eric we need your help



I think there is a bug in the system and has been for some time. I know some of my students have made comments on my instructables, and i cant see them on my computer. The student can see the comment, on their computer so it hasn't been deleted.
Have a look on this instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/Mobile-Phone-Controlled-Robot-1/
and see if you can see a photo a students robot and some nonsense comment about it the robots role in world domination.
I cant see it with my computer.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 4.42.00 pm.png

Where is support can't find anything now, it use to be you went to forums and scrolled down, now that is gone.

When we find other blog sites in 21 days and ibles mainlines about pinky swears are the norm some of us will be hiring as ible work slows...

Well, in that I would just delete this topic but that is not a working function right now....
And seems missing parts start to appear again now anyway....