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Centering of Thumbnail? Answered

I cannot get the featured image (thumbnail) to center. The picture is standard format and already centered. If looks fine in preview and then when I save, the image shifts to the right. Any suggestions?


I'm using Windows & Chrome


I take separate pictures for everything plan on using or the thumbnail. Then I turn the images into a png (remove the background) and paste them onto a square image. Then I don't have to ever mess with squaring it on site, it's never too big and the text gets cut out...

I would find a way to turn your (16:9?) image into a square image, then upload it.

Yeah, I can change the format but square images are not ideal for other sites. I know a lot of web design (mobile) is going to the 1:1 but I would like to have something universal.

Seamster (Sam) gave this fix. "The only way I know to easily work around that issue is to crop your chosen cover image off the site to a 5:6 ratio, then upload it like that. If you center and crop it offsite and upload it like normal, it will not require any shifting in the editor publish page"

ok...I was able to sort of center it by artificially moving the image half way off the screen to the left. When I hit save, it now looks almost centered.