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Ch. 2 In Which Many Packages are Shipped and a Fancy Dinner is Held Answered

Hey Instructabrarians,

SHIFT!  here.  Just keeping you updated on the exciting weekly activities at the Instructables HQ!  This week was relatively hectic, with a lot of planning on a bunch of stuff including Maker Faire 2011, Ice Cream Social Planning, shipping out new prizes, and of course NEW contest planning. 

We finally got all of our iCreate Robot kits in, as well as an extremely large shipment of new Instructables T-Shirts in this week (now in Purple and Blue!). My fellow interns, Karen and Wade, and I were able to finish shipping out all of the fantastic prizes for not only the National Robotics Contest as well as the Eggbot Contest at our local PO (and it only cost a couple hundred in postage!) So Winners, be expecting a special delivery from Instructables HQ soon!

Maker Faire planning is going well for us too.  Just received all of our tickets to the Faire, and I know Karen's been very busy preparing with upcoming interviews with all of the news teams that will be visiting the Faire.  And, as always Instructables will be selling some awesome one-of- a kind merchandise.  Which reminds me, better get DIY PIXAR ready too.

And before I forget, Friday was totally awesome!  To celebrate our 10 millionth visitor to our website, we were all treated to a fancy dinner at Lulu's Restaurant on 4th Street, SF!  Food there was fantastic, everyone had a great time, and it was great to get everyone out of the office on a Friday night.

As for me, I'm still adjusting to my work as a new member of the Instructables team.  There's always something new and exciting going on everyday and I'm still wrapping my head around all of this.  This really is the best job ever.

Oh, two last things before I go - special treat for all of you, some special inside news.  First off, our upcoming public Ice Cream Social at our Top Secret HQ (conveniently located on 82cd Second Street, right next to Sammy's On Second) is going to be amazing.  If you've ever wanted a glimpse of all the behind-the-scenes stuff that happens on the site, come next Thursday, May 19th, for the public event and FREE Ice Cream!  Laura's actually booked a machine that uses Nitrogen to store all of the  ice cream and, yes, it is Cool. Finally, some brief new contest news. Earlier this week, I actually got to sit in a new planning meeting and listen in to all of the great new ideas Instructables has planned.  Now, as an intern I've promised my bosses not to spoil the surprise for you, so I'm bound by my word to uphold their confidentiality.  BUT, I can guarantee you that our new upcoming ones in the next months are literally the best  contests I've ever seen happen in my long time experience as a user of this site, and are quite unlike anything you've ever seen before.  So stay tuned, you'll be amazed.

Anyway, that's it for me.  So until next week, SHIFT! signing out!

PS.  I know I'm forgetting several people in my pictures, so, in advance, I apologize.



7 years ago

For all of you who had to read it as "Nitroglycerin", this is about as close as we're getting to my typo.


You do know that the upcoming contests were emailed to members two days before this post?

Or is there even more coming for after June?

All of the Instructables contests are awesome. But some of the further upcoming ones are more interesting to me.

Aww, go on, gi's a hint!

I won't tell...

Oh I hope so.....I was unable to finish my current project before "all" the contests that it would be appropriate for, ended. I have yet to hurdle one more engineering difficulty before getting it finished :-) But, contest or no, I will be publishing it, once I finish it.

I guess one would use nitroglycerine to make an ice cream bombe.

To celebrate our 10 millionth visitor to our website

So whoever ignored the flashing congratulatory pop-up missed out on a fancy dinner? I guess some of those are real.